BBB 24 Maycon asks Yasmin Brunet not to hug

“BBB 24 : Maycon asks Yasmin Brunet not to hug him when he is eliminated: “Keep your distance

“BBB 24”: Maycon asked Yasmin Brunet not to hug him during a possible elimination.

“BBB 24”: Maycon asked Yasmin Brunet not to hug him during a possible elimination.

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After criticizing Yasmin Brunet's clothing, Maycon decided to confront Luiza Brunet's daughter in “BBB 24”. The two are on Paredão this week, vying to stay in the house with them Giovanna, who recently admitted that he was attracted to Nizam. The Pipoca team member asked Brunet not to hug him in case he was eliminated.

The brothers were packing their bags in the magic room when Maycon entered the room. “When I leave, don’t hug me, okay?” the participant asked. “Of course it makes even more sense to me. I prefer to respect what you want because it is the most coherent,” she replied in a quieter voice. “Thanks. kept your distance” [na casa], so let's continue to keep our distance. Then there is another stop from the door outside. If you want too,” the walled man continued.

Yasmin continued to arrange her clothes in complete silence. At the time, Maycon admitted that he wanted a different kind of relationship with the blonde outside the house. “I will want [um abraço fora do jogo]. If you want it, I will want it. Just to tell you here: If you want it, I want it,” the brother explained.

The Santa Catarina native also spoke with Beatriz, who was in the same room. “I am resigned; When I go, I just hope, Fran.” [esposa de Maycon] Be out there and if I stay I'll be a lot calmer. If I go back, I will come back calm, more reserved, much calmer,” he promised.

Ox? What a strange man! Maycon tells Yasmin that she won't be able to hug him if he gets eliminated


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