BBB 24 Poll Divided Between Villain and Plant see Part

BBB 24 Poll: Divided Between Villain and Plant; see Part of the Wall TV

The fourth wall of BBB 24 will be decided this Sunday (21). Nizam Hayek, Giovanna Pitel and Ráculo Cardozo compete for a place in the program, and the audience is divided between two of them. Nizam, who is considered the villain in the house, and Raquel, who is considered a plant by many, are the ones who have the most votes to stay. According to the survey, Pitel is the one who should leave the program TV news.

This Sunday morning, the poll already had more than 59,000 votes. Pitel only has 15.49% of audience participation to watch the game. Nizam, described as a manipulator by fellow inmates, has 40.33% of the votes. Ráculo continues to lead the wall, receiving 44.17% of public support.

The UOL poll shows a narrower result: Pitel is also in last place, but has 28.49% of the vote. Nizam has 34.8% and Ráculo has 36.72% of viewer preferences.

The surveys are not scientific in nature. They represent a trend of Big Brother Brasil fans. The official result of this wall is determined only from the votes registered on the reality website on Gshow. Voting ends this Sunday during the broadcast of the show.

On Globo's official website, the public has two choices: the Único, which counts one vote per CPF, and the Torcida, which allows unlimited votes. The final result is based on the average of the modalities.

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How was the wall created?

The Angels of the week were Lucas Henrique and Lucas Luigi. They were vaccinated and decided to protect MC Bin Laden.

In the wall vote on Friday (19th), party leader Matteus Amaral voted for Giovanna Pitel. The remaining participants each had to cast two votes in the confessional. Many were surprised by this order from Tadeu Schmidt.

Nizam received the most votes with seven votes and went straight to the wall. After Nizam, Davi Brito, Vinicius Rodrigues and Ráculo were the participants who had the most votes in the confessional: five each, resulting in a tie. Needing to break the tie, Matteus decided to put Ráculo in the spotlight.