BBB 24 Survey Shows Who Leaves the 3rd Wall and

BBB 24 Survey Shows Who Leaves the 3rd Wall and Who Stays There; Vote TV

The third wall of BBB 24 was formed on Sunday evening (14). After the departure of Thalyta Alves, Professor Lucas Henrique Ferreira won the General Knowledge Head test and took over the position of Head of the Globo reality show. Soon afterwards, the hot seat was formed: Beatriz Reis, Davi Brito and Lucas Pizane are competing to stay. Take the survey TV news in this text and see what the vote is now.

Leader Lucas decided to hang Bia on the wall. “We had a lot of emotions here this week. When I arrived, because I arrived a little later, I tried to get closer to the people. With some people I was more successful, with others less so. Based on “If I don’t meet this criterion, I’ll send Beatriz to the wall,” the teacher explained.

Shortly afterwards, Tadeu Schmidt asked the chairman to take a ballot box and randomly select “little faces” from among the participants. The elect had the right to exclude people from the opportunity to vote for someone in the confessional. It looked like:

  • Giovanna Lima decided that Nizam did not vote
  • Beatriz Reis chose Rodriguinho
  • Deniziane chose Juninho
  • Yasmin Brunet chose Lucas Luigi
  • Vinicius Rodrigues chose Ráculo Cardozo
  • Davi Reis chose Matteus Amaral

Who voted for whom?

With the dynamics defined, 17 people voted in the confessional. See who voted for whom below:

  • Vanessa Lopes > Alane
  • Vinicius Rodrigues > Michel
  • Deniziane Ferreira > Raquel
  • Beatriz Reis > Lucas Pizane
  • Davi Brito > Nizam
  • Fernanda Gang > Alane
  • Marcus Vinicius > Lucas Pizane
  • Giovanna Lima > Juninho
  • Michel Nogueira > Nizam
  • Isabelle Nogueira > Nizam
  • Lucas Pizane > Alane
  • Giovanna Pitel > Alane
  • MC Bin Laden > Raquel Cardozo
  • Yasmin Brunet > Marcus Vinicius
  • Wanessa Camargo > David
  • Leidy Elen > Lucas Pizane
  • Alane Dias > Lucas Pizane

Alane Dias and Lucas Pizane were tied on four votes. The decision then rested with the manager. Lucas Henrique decided to wall up the Bahian musician.

To complete the formation of the third wall, the six people vetoed by vote were given the authority to send someone directly to the hot seat. To do this, they had to reach a consensus. The decision was to put Davi Reis in the risk zone.

BBB voting now

Take part in the BBB 24 third wall survey below and check out the updated part. Remember that the choice must rest with the one who lives in the house:

Click here to open the survey

The survey by TV news They are not of a scientific nature, but simply represent a tendency of the viewers of Big Brother Brasil. The official result of the wall will be determined through votes on Gshow and will be announced after Tadeu Schmidt's speech in the Tuesday edition (16).

On Globo's official website, the public has two choices: the Único, one per CPF, and the Torcida, which allows joint efforts to vote as many times as they want. The final result is based on an average of the two modalities.