BBB 24 Vanessa Lopes cuts off Yasmin Brunet because of

BBB 24: Vanessa Lopes cuts off Yasmin Brunet because of Medina: “Like a monster Portal iG

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Brunette and Vanessa Lopes


Influencer Vanessa Lopes did not want to talk to Yasmin Brunet about Gabriel Medina on “BBB 24”. In the afternoon of this Friday (12), Brunet took to the Tiktoker to talk about the lover's quarrel between the three. Yasmin ended her marriage to the surfer in January 2022 and shortly afterwards Vanessa Lopes stayed with Medina.

However, Vanessa Lopes didn't want the conversation. According to the influencer, this conversation needs to take place outside of “BBB 24,” away from the cameras. Yasmin insisted on having the interview to present a defense to Vanessa.

“I prefer to listen outside, I don’t want to disturb anyone’s life outside,” Vanessa said. “Actually, I didn’t want to do that, I just wanted to defend myself,” replied Yasmin.

“You talk and I start thinking in my head about what I've already heard from both sides. A situation I never wanted to be in, I never wanted to hurt you,” Vanessa warned. “You’ve heard of him,” Yasmin insisted. “I’d rather you explain this outside,” Vanessa affirmed.

Vanessa Lopes explained to Yasmin Brunet that she felt like a “trophy wife” after being confused about remaining close to Medina as a friend, and that she remained so close to the surfer that she no longer wanted to clarify this on national television . Yasmin Brunet didn't like that and left the gnome room.

Vanessa Lopes then commented on the other participants who were in the room. “In order for me to open up to her, I have to say everything I feel. How does she defend herself on the show, where will people listen and know? She wants to explain herself, but I'm not the person to listen to her. Because the other side weighs, the people I'm friends with and who are important to me. I can't listen to anything from someone who hasn't done so much good for me. But the question is: how does she ease herself without talking about the situation. When she opens up to me, she brings with her a burden for me that I cannot feel. “Hearing from people who aren’t here,” Vanessa explained.

Vanessa says Yasmin must be crazy if she wants to tell her version of Medina, but she's not the right person to listen to it because she really likes him and the boys

Mateus. (@gratidaorafa) January 12, 2024

“How do you explain the situation here? We were very hurt. I didn't know anyone's side. I didn't understand it until months later. I was afraid of her, I put her in my head like a monster. I was afraid of her.” “Come close to me (.. .) What happened in the couple's life must be resolved by them,” the influencer continued.

Comparison between Yasmin Brunet and Vanessa Lopes

Vanessa recalled that after uncovering the controversy, she felt bad and began comparing herself to Brunet, to the point that she changed her aesthetic.

“They said 'That bitch and she's a big woman.' They compared me. And we started getting angry at each other. Because of the couple's breakup, I gained weight that wasn't mine. I was afraid of her, I was angry.” “With him, I belittled myself, I started comparing myself,” Lopes added, explaining that after the pressure of the fight he grew megahair and changed his clothing style .

YES 🚨 Vanessa and Yasmin wanted to solve problems out here, but they can't. Yasmin left the room because she said it was bad for her and Vanessa explained a little about the situation between the two to Bin Laden and Pitel #BBB24

— Rita Cadillac's Tough Steak (@bifedurodarita) January 12, 2024

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