BBB 24 Who we like and who we hate

“BBB 24 : Who we like and who we hate after just one week of reality on (good for 24 hours!) Purepeople

There is a different surprise every day on “Big Brother Brasil 24”. On opening day, the audience faced teams Popcorn, cabin and the Puxadinho newcomers with different personalities and one dream: to win prizes and the maximum jackpot of up to R$3 million. But who will be the viewers' favorite? In this first week of the reality show, many have already gone from their favorites to their most hated Pure people Tell you who we like and who we hate in the game.

Most hated from the first week of “BBB 24”

Of the most hated team in the program, Rodriguinho comes first. In addition to complaining all day and transferring this very strong energy to the other brothers, the Pagodeiro negatively surprised the public with his nasty comments about Yasmin Brunet's body. As if that wasn't enough, the singer also watches what the model eats, whether she focuses on the gym, makes fun of topics that are sensitive to her, etc. Ugh, that's not possible!

Right behind them, in second place, is us Nizam, who signed up for the wrong reality show: He targeted “De Férias com o Ex” and did it right for “BBB.” The brother has made countless sexist comments in the first week and just wants to know how to have sex.

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In addition, he showed himself to be a real Judas and managed to defeat Vanessa Lopes Alane at home. Taking advantage of the fact that we are talking about Tiktoker, it also does not escape the list of the most hated. hold hands Fernandathe two are always against the other sisters and speak in our Portuguese: Passing material on to man. Following the team of the hated, Vinicius is analyzed because he hangs out with the hated group and Pizzabut he will be eliminated soon, so let's spare him!

Pitel got a lot of criticism, but let's face it, she's one of the few who is fully aware of her group. Apart from the fact that she and Fernanda are the new band of Karol Conká, who has a rejection story of “left”BBB21“, he even “guessed” that the photo of his room would soon appear in black and white. We like it that way, realistic & sensitive!

Karol Conka

Who we liked in the first week of “BBB 24.”

Yasmin Brunet is on the list of the most popular “BBB 24”. The mermaid has already proven herself to be a sensible and eloquent person. We look forward to the moment the diva opens her eyes and starts playing. Shortly after we did it David, what we can't deny: he's a sweetheart and doesn't take offense when he gets home! In today's Xray, he even apologized for using the word 'faggot' in a derogatory manner during a discussion with Nizam. “He’s a good guy and he realized his mistake,” Gil do Vigor said.

The boxes are surprising because they offer so much entertainment, like MC Bin Laden and Wanessa Camargo, but it's Pipoca Beatrice which captured the hearts of the audience. Proof of that? She was the first to gain 1 million followers on Instagram. Her playful nature, constant pearl throwing and her modesty are the key words for the success of the young saleswoman from Brás. She's a millionaire and we're not talking about money here! Oh, we can't forget Luigi, who went from an annoying meme to a walking meme in just a few days.

Matthew, Isabelle, Giovana, Deniziane, Juninho It is Alane Complete the list of contestants we liked in the first week of BBB 24. Does anyone know when now? Raquel, Michel, Marcus Vinicius, Lucas Henrique It is Leidy Elin Will they join the program?

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*Warning: The list is subject to MANY changes until the reality show ends!