BBB Bin Laden says that the fight with Isabelle

BBB | Bin Laden says that the fight with Isabelle was aimed at getting David to fight


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Bin Laden confessed that the argument he had with Isabelle Nogueira in the early hours of this Monday (1/29) on “BBB 24” was an attempt to bring Davi into the fight.

He assumed that he had made a very loud suggestion in front of his sister to create a situation that would upset David. However, Davi drank tea throughout the entire argument.

In a conversation in the Gnomo Room, Rodriguinho complained that everything was now Davis' fault, suggesting that Wanessa Camargo was possessed and even the fight between Isabelle and Bin would be the Bahian's fault. “She sat down and said, 'I was just looking at Davi.' But this discussion had nothing to do with him,” commented the Pagodeiro.

Bin disagreed and Rodriguinho replied: “There was, but there wasn’t.”

Bin then explained his intention for the fight: “That was because the direct attack was aimed at him and he should have jumped on the ball, just as she had already jumped on the ball for him.”

Rodriguinho disagreed: “He wouldn’t jump! You knew he wouldn't jump. You argued for 20 minutes and he didn't even move. He stayed behind with his tea.”

Professor Raimundo's school

Giovanna Pitel demanded that Bin Laden, if he wanted to talk to Isabelle, not use Rodriguinho “as a loofah,” as he practically shouted a wave at her while speaking to the pagodeiro. Bin assumed he had done just that. “I even apologize to you, Rodriguinho, but I told her to really listen.”

“I didn’t understand anything,” Rodriguinho laughed.

The woman from Alagoas continued: “If you wanted to call her a fake, you didn't have to cast Rodriguinho as a fool. Just like they did with Davi and said, 'Ah, I was hoping he would come and talk to me'.” . Why didn’t you talk to him directly?”

Bin justified himself: “He is involved in a situation and did not want to comment. I left it for her from my encounter with her. She tried to bypass me and say there was no justification for it. And she does.” Is she right? She doesn't have it. He has the humility to listen.

Pitel recorded everything that happened and said to Fernanda Bande in the bathroom: “He [Bin Laden] He made a mistake in his positioning… He took it and started the fight. There are a lot of nuances he brings in and none of them make any sense. The fact that he spoke to Rodriguinho on her behalf [Isabelle] Listening and the fact that he's talking to her to see if Davi will intervene… Does he think that David's duty as a brother in the game would be to intervene to defend her because he wanted to talk to him? What is that? Professor Raimundo’s little school, right?”

Rodriguinho is fed up with Wanessa


Maristela (@Mari___aa)

January 29, 2024

Pitel practically called Bin Laden weak and said that if he wanted to talk to Davi he would talk to him directly, but he ended up doing the same thing to Isabelle by using Rodriguinho to get to Isabelle.



Thiago (@httpsrealities)

January 29, 2024

Pitel about Bin: “He brings a lot of nuances, but none of them make any sense. The fact that he talks to Rodriguinho so she can listen and the fact that he talks to her to see if Davi interferes because he wanted to.” Talk to him, that's what Professor Raimundo's school is ?”

And it's already been said…

— Giovanna Pitel 🤏🏽 (@giovannapitel)

January 29, 2024