BBB Nizam presses the mysterious button and chooses three brothers

BBB: Nizam presses the mysterious button and chooses three brothers for the Yellow Room Splash

The brother was instructed to select three participants to accompany him, without knowing what it was about. Nizam chose Lucas Pizane, Rodriguinho and Vanessa Lopes. “I hope it's a food event,” commented the brother who selected participants from Xepa for the supposed event he was waiting for.

The four brothers were given yellow overalls and taken to an outside room.

In the room, they took part in an activity and received a number of gifts. Nizam was able to choose an appliance for his home and received a washing machine and a dryer. Pizane won a cell phone, Rodriguinho won a refrigerator and Vanessa won a set of small appliances. “I should learn to cook,” the sister joked. “Nizam is clever. I like that he’s a player.”

The four attendees also enjoyed a table set up in the area with snacks, sweets and drinks.

A few minutes later, the other brothers in the house were also invited to visit and enjoy the room. They split into groups of two to enter the room and enjoy.

When Yasmin Brunet entered the room and began to eat at the set table, Vanessa commented that it was necessary to save some of the food since the other half of the house would still be eating. “Then stop eating,” Yasmin replied. “She’s talking with the cheese sandwich in her hand,” the model joked, referring to the influencer.