BBB23 Before and After Fred Nicacios Face Harmonization Shocks the

BBB23: Before and After Fred Nicácio’s Face Harmonization Shocks the Internet; see Yahoo Life and Style

Fred Nicécio during a BBB23 photoshoot (Photo: Globo/ Paulo Belote)

Fred Nicácio during a BBB23 photo shoot (Photo: Globo/ Paulo Belote)

Summary of the news:

  • Internet users “discover” the face of Fred Nicácio before harmonization

  • The public commented that the doctor’s natural features were very handsome.

  • Memes with the marked chin even stop at BBB 23

Fred Nicácio joined BBB 23 and was already shaking up the structure of the program, either for his strong personality or the meme shower he’s delivering on the reality show. “Eliminated” from the house on Tuesday (24) and taken to the Secret Room, he returned to one of the most discussed topics on social networks, but not for the attitudes in Globo’s attraction. Netizens were shocked when they saw the doctor’s face harmonization before and after.

Contrary to what you see, the result did not please netizens at all, who pointed out that Fred was much more beautiful and natural before the procedure. The dermatologist’s very angular face is always trending on Twitter and the medic has already been nicknamed “Karol Conqueixo” in reference to Karol Conka, albeit with the caveat for his brother’s physiognomy.

“Every time a photo of Fred Nicácio before facial harmonizing appears on TL, a natural beauty fairy dies,” wrote one netizen. “Now that I’ve seen the before and after of Fred Nicácio, I’ve never been so saddened by a facial pairing,” pointed out another, who prefers the doctor’s natural face.

The doctor’s intervention was an occasion to make fun of Dani Calabresa, who presents the “Cat BBB” from 2023, a mood board, on Wall Days. “Did you harmonize? Yes, you and Fred Nicácio. The chin gives it away, but it was awesome,” the comedian told a doll.