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BBB23: Gabriel Santana’s ex opens his heart about the actor’s bisexuality

ex girlfriend of Gabriel Santanathe digital influencer Nicole Tulcheski didn’t spare the praise for the actor, who is in the Camarote, when asked by a follower what he thought of the artist’s participation in reality.

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“He’s one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. I deserve this opportunity and anyone who knows him knows what a huge heart he has!! It’s important that people know him like I do… Beautiful inside and out. It’s hard to put into words but I think you’ll have the same perspective I have…” the 19yearold influencer wrote.

Nicole and Gabriel They dated when they were young and split in 2018. The two even celebrated birthdays together with a party attended by celebrities like Larissa Manoela.

The influencer, who currently lives in Switzerland, was also asked about the sexuality of the ex, who assumed he was bi: “And about this controversial fact that he said he was bi?” asked the follower.

I don’t think being part of the LGGT community is a “controversial” agenda.

The influencer continued, “People are much more comfortable coming out these days and I’m really pleased that he spoke openly about the subject,” he said.

She even revealed that she was supportive of her ex when he revealed his bisexuality: “When we spoke on the phone I said that I gave him all the support to discover himself… His happiness leads to my happiness too. He’s been very important in my life…the most important thing is that he feels happy,” she concluded.

Post from Gabriel Santana's exgirlfriendNicole gave in to her ex in praise Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram @nicoletulcheski


Currently confined to BBB23, Gabriel rose to fame at the age of 14 playing Mosca in the remake of Chiquititas (2013).

The career of the young actor also includes the series “Carcereiros” (2017), “Z4” (2018) and “Malhação Toda Forma de Amar” (2019). He was recently highlighted in the role of Renato in Pantanal (2022), son of Murilo Benício’s character in his second family.

However, his first role still reverberates in the memory of the public, which, even when commenting on the reality show, associates him with the character whenever it can. On his first day on the show, the actor was open about his sexuality, saying he was “available to both girls and boys.”

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