1674072394 BBB23 Key Alves shows off tattoo honoring Rodrigo Mussi and

BBB23: Key Alves shows off tattoo honoring Rodrigo Mussi and remembers accident

Last year, Rodrigo Mussi He was in a car accident and was in serious condition. The boy even had head trauma and other fractures. The accident happened shortly after the exBBB left the house key alves.

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The volleyball player spoke on “BBB23”, by Rede Globo fred and Ricardo about the case and even showed off a tattoo he has in honor of his friend.

“That, old man… Rodrigo Mussi left the BBB and suffered the accident, he was with me,” she said, showing off a tattoo on her arm. “It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced,” he added.

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Then Key remembered learning about the accident. “He was at my house and left at dawn in the Uber and the Uber crashed. We met, met and stuff, and then he took an Uber and left. The guy was asleep, knocked. He wasn’t wearing a belt so he was flying, he had trauma. I looked at the message and it still hadn’t arrived. I had said “let me know when you arrive”. It didn’t work, I was like ‘ah, he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore’. Then my sister called me at night, I went out and a lot of things happened,” he recalls.


Is there a better start? anita is the attraction of the first BBB23 party. While touring with Ensaios da Anitta, the singer found a spot on her agenda to take part in the global reality show. It goes live on Globo’s screen this Wednesday evening, January 18th.

Thaddeus Schmidt confirmed the unexpected news at the end of the live show, surprising the audience. The parties on Wednesday are confirmed in the program cute left up in the air what will happen on Fridays and Saturdays of the game.

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BBB23 Key Alves shows off tattoo honoring Rodrigo Mussi and

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