BBB24 Internet users save Isabelle39s old video and are surprised

BBB24: Internet users save Isabelle's old video and are surprised by the before and after; Watch

A video from Isabelle's past was shared on social media this week. The release dates from ten years ago and shows Manauara's first attempt to enter the most viewed house in Brazil. However, netizens were impressed by the sister's before and after.

The post was shared by one of the dancer's fans pages. “In 2014, exactly 10 years ago, before Isabelle became an official Boi Garantido item, Isabelle recorded her first registration video for Big Brother Brasil,” the caption explained.

In the video, Cunhã shares his desire to participate in the reality show and reveals that he is a fan of Katy Perry. “I intend to become a school principal and in my biggest dream to become Minister of Education to change the history of education in the Amazon. My dreams are completely outside of my thoughts. Otherwise I love dancing. I'm a fan of Katy Perry. “I think their songs tell everything about teenage life, everything I’ve ever experienced,” he reflects. Just look:

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While some fans noted Isabelle's physical differences, others stated that she was still the same at her core. “Guys, what makeup was that? “Isa has entered her best beauty phase, both as a person and as a player, it was at the right time,” praised one follower.

“How beautiful!! 10 years ago this video was for a rehearsal with a certain characterization and she took the opportunity to do the registration video! Congratulations on your perseverance and belief in your dream!” celebrated another. “This Makeup has taken away all her facial features… But always beautiful, today she is much more mature. “It's perfect,” said a third.

However, there were also some who doubted that she was the “BBB24” participant. “Guys shocked she doesn't look like her,” one surprised admirer commented.