BBB24 Lucas Pizane reveals where and how Vanessa Lopes is

BBB24: Lucas Pizane reveals where and how Vanessa Lopes is doing after she disappeared from the networks

Since her withdrawal from Big Brother Brasil 24, Vanessa Lopes has not appeared on social media. In an interview with Quem magazine this Thursday (25), Lucas Pizane explained that he was in contact with the influencer's family. According to the exbrother, Vanessa is doing well and is “in a welcoming place.”

“Vanessa is a great treasure and for me one of the very special people during the program. I'm in touch with her family and she definitely feels warmly welcomed, trying to take care of herself and present the best version of herself,” he said.

Vanessa Lopes did not appear in any of the activities in which the eliminated contestants usually take part, such as Coffee with Ana Maria Braga, “BatePapo BBB” and the multishow programs. The influencer's family members also did not comment on the withdrawal. While the sister was still on the reality show, her mother even stated that her daughter was in “the best phase.”

The Tiktoker hit the exit button on Friday, January 19th. Since the beginning of “Treta do Espelho” on the 13th, she has already shown emotional instability. Lopes parted ways with MC Bin Laden, her main ally in the game, and put forward several theories that the program's production did everything to provoke her including arguing that she would be limited to actors.

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During the interview, Lucas Pizane also recognized his lack of positioning within the game, especially when Rodriguinho and Nizam Yasmin criticized Brunet's glass in the leader's space: “I regret that I did not position myself in front of the group instead of just positioning myself with that. “Nizam. I believe that such an important issue goes beyond the game and affects our entire society. But it is never too late to learn and correct yourself,” he said.

He also talked about his musical career projects and promised news for the carnival. “My musical project is being planned and will be implemented soon. I am very worried because it is my life's dream. This certainly includes the carnival, but I can't reveal that yet. On my networks I will strategically reveal the next steps to my audience,” he concluded.