BBB24 Yasmin Brunet opens up and clarifies Gabriel Medina39s break

BBB24: Yasmin Brunet opens up and clarifies Gabriel Medina's break with the family; Watch

Yasmin Brunet remembers Gabriel Medina's rejection

Yasmin Brunet remembers Gabriel Medina's rejection. (Photo: Reproduction/Globoplay/Instagram)

Cancel culture was one of the topics of the morning this Friday (19) on “BBB 24”. While Vanessa Lopes was moved to tears remembering the criticism outside the house, Yasmin Brunet commented that she was identified as the trigger of the separation between mother and son, Simone and Gabriel Medina respectively, when she was still with the surfer was married.

The conversation about the cancellation came up when the sisters were talking to Wanessa and Beatriz on the lawn. “Back in your day when they cheated on you, it wasn’t like that,” the model told the singer. “Today is bizarre, man. I destroyed a family. “Any guy that comes close to me…” the blonde added.

The Tiktoker, who got involved with the athlete after his marriage to Yasmin ended, had a different opinion, but soon understood the participant. Brunet also took the opportunity to deny that he was responsible for the breakup of the Medina family. “That's what they said. Every guy that comes close to me and is in the media gets the following comments: “Soon he won't talk to his mom anymore,” “Soon he won't go out with any of his friends anymore.” They have no idea what it's like, to be canceled. From a stop that didn’t happen, man,” he added. See:

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Yasmin talks about her rejection because she dated Medina #BBB24

ingrid (@onlyingrid_) January 19, 2024

At another point in the conversation, Lopes couldn't hold back his tears over the consequences of a cancellation and received support from Wanessa. “It’s today’s world with everyone. Anyone who shines feels uncomfortable. Didn't you say that? Look what Anitta is going through. Look what Luísa Sonza is going through. And look at how successful they are, dear ones,” the singer reflected. Regard:

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Wanessa advises Vanessa Lopes to cancel:

“If you shine, you feel uncomfortable. Look what Anitta is going through, look what Luísa Sonza is going through.”

Poponze (@poponze) January 19, 2024

Yasmin Brunet x Simone Medina

The model's statement refers to the time when she was identified as the linchpin of the rift between her exhusband Gabriel and his mother Simone Medina. In May 2021, Simone Leo Dias gave an interview and explained that her relationship with her son changed after he met Yasmin. “She took him away from everyone. She decides what he should eat. “I never went to Gabriel’s house without an invitation or warning,” Simone said.

“She came to spend a weekend and never left his house. You are in a controlling relationship. He doesn’t even talk to his sister anymore,” he said. Three months before the interview, the athlete and model stopped following Simone and his stepfather Charles Saldanha on social media. There was also a professional break: the surfer stopped being his mother's partner and closed the Gabriel Medina Institute, an organization of which the businesswoman was president, in Maresias on the coast of São Paulo. After all the family conflicts, Yasmin and Gabriel's marriage also ended in January 2022.