Be the Cure a clinical trial campaign available nationwide –

Be the Cure: a clinical trial campaign available nationwide –

The Be the Cure recruitment campaign, launched in Alberta and aimed at educating the population about how they can get involved in clinical trials to advance research, is now expanding across Canada.

“One of the biggest barriers to recruiting people into clinical trials is that sometimes people don't know when a clinical trial is taking place,” said Emily McDonald, an associate professor at the rural McGill University Health Center.

“This can mean it takes time to complete a trial and sometimes delays us in developing new tests or treatments for rare diseases, cancers or infections,” she added.

The list of clinical trials is therefore available online for sick people who want to take part, according to Global News.

The aim of this campaign is also to bring diversity to the selection of participants.

“This way, when the drug is available, we know that it is safe and effective for a larger group of people,” said the associate professor.

Clinical trials also give Canadians new options for possible treatment of their disease, the media recalled.

Campaign information and clinical trial data are available on the organization's website.