Beautiful Drama For Real Actors Everyone Is Stunned

Beautiful Drama For Real Actors: Everyone Is Stunned

Beautiful is one of the longest-running soaps on international television. On the air for many years, it continues to tell the vicissitudes of the Forrester family and the Logans, united by common destinies. And sometimes soap dramas are just like real life

Not just in fiction. One of Beautiful actors he said he would pass a very difficult situation. And no matter how carefree he seems on set, the pain tears him apart inside. On the other hand, the soap opera must go on, professionalism is also part of it.

Compared to a few years ago, the fiction scene today mainly focuses on young people: Brooke’s daughter Hope, but also Steffy and Thomas, who were born of Ridge’s marriage to Taylor, and again Liam and the Logan sisters. Beautiful’s momentum continues to entertain and excite audiences and seems to never end. And while viewers in Italy are excited for the return of Sheila and Deacon, in the US the narrative is about a year ahead and still seems to be the focus Liam and Hope. In fact, the American advances show that the two must face another tough test involving Douglas, son of Thomas.

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As is well known, the child was entrusted to Hope and Liam due to Thomas showing an unstable attitude after Caroline’s death. Douglas after spending a lot of time in the Spencer householdHe tells the court that he wants to move in with Aunt Steffy. News that will obviously cause Hope great pain: Logan and Liam will find it very difficult to say goodbye to the little one after years at home. Also of interest is Brooke and Taylor’s alliance against Sheila, who is determined to return to the life of the Forresters to meet her nephew, Fynn and Steffy’s son.

Liam aka Scott Clifton: “I broke up”

Liam’s vicissitudes on set aren’t far removed from those in personal life. In fact, the actor recently announced that he has separated from wife Nicole Lampson married in California in 2013. Scott Clifton, Liam’s real name, revealed in a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest that he had split after 10 years of marriage. Nikki and Scott have a son. Ford, 7 years old, and he gets her attention.

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As the actor reports, the two have been separated for a long time, but have only now decided to make the news public. They managed to maintain excellent relationships, and even today they love each other very much and spend pleasant time together. “Our choice was born out of a commitment to one another’s happiness and, most importantly, to providing our son Ford with the best possible life,” said Scott. L’The artist added that many had shown him affection and solidaritybut for now he prefers to protect his privacy.