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"Because Amadeus doesn’t speak to me anymore": the confession that shook Rai

quotBecause Amadeus doesnt speak to me anymorequot the confession that

amadeus wouldn’t speak to me anymore Marco Salvati, author of Paolo Bonolis, for more than a year. Salvati himself revealed it in an interview with Casa Pipol: “Last year I wrote a post that just said, ‘Say what you want about Amadeus as presenter, but he remains the best artistic director ever’.” Bonolis and Pippo Baudo. Notwithstanding the criticism that might be leveled at him as a conductor. He unfollowed me from all social networks. Then the profile is managed by two, so I don’t know… I was very bad at it“.

Bonolis’ right arm explained that his right arm was intended as a compliment: “I also sent him a clarification message on the advice of someone he he never answered me. I’ve decided not to talk about Sanremo anymore. I’m sorry because I respect him, I love him, I worked there and he’s a very nice person. Capable, really capable. I’m careful what I say because I don’t want him to get any more angry.”

Great disrespect.  Sanremo earthquake, the great earthquake that shook Amadeus

Salvati then also spoke of Sonja BruganelliShe, commentator of GfVip and her friend: “She is a friend for me and I hope I am for her. It’s not easy, Sonia. His character is not simple because she is an intelligent woman. One of the smartest people I know. He knows where he wants to go, what he wants to say. He has a refined and sharp intellect that sometimes clashes with me because we are competitive in that regard. But we love each other very much.” And again: “I respect her very much, but as Sonia Bruganelli and not as the wife of Paolo Bonolis. Some still make this confusion, but she has her own personality and her own distinct professionalism. The growing this year as I see some episodes of GfVip where I see them in an amazing shape”.

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