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Beijing condemns mandatory testing for travelers from China

Beijing has sharply criticized the introduction of a coronavirus test requirement for travelers from China in several EU countries and several other countries and has threatened “countermeasures”. Some countries have “enacted entry restrictions aimed only at Chinese travellers,” a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman in Beijing said on Tuesday. This lacks “scientific basis”, some practices are “unacceptable”.

China is currently experiencing the biggest increase in coronavirus infections in the world, and hospitals are overcrowded in many places. In early December, Beijing backtracked from its strict Covid-19 policy in a radical about-face. Since then, the coronavirus restrictions have been significantly reduced.

EU consultations

Several countries, including the US and also European countries such as France, Spain and Britain, have already ordered travelers from China to be tested for the coronavirus. EU states want to discuss a common strategy tomorrow.

China could “take countermeasures based on the principle of reciprocity”, said today the spokeswoman for the Itamaraty, referring to restrictions already decided.