1709671884 Beijing Express returns with the Dragon Route From Caressa to

Beijing Express returns with the Dragon Route. From Caressa to Maddalena Corvaglia to Nancy Brilli: all participants

The Dragon Route. We travel with backpacks to discover northern Vietnam, Laos and, for the first time, Sri Lanka. These are the destinations that Beijing Express has chosen for the eleventh edition of the program, which this year will again be directed by Costantino Della Gherardesca and supported by a special “envoy”: Fru of The Jackal, Italian actor and comedian, who thanks He is one of the most popular participants since taking part two seasons ago, when he composed the iconic pair “Sciacalli” with Aurora Leone. On the more than five thousand kilometers of the circuit, couples can rely on a few basic elements: just a backpack with minimal equipment and 1 euro per day per person in local currency. A very limited baggage, which is why the physical and psychological resistance, the skill and ingenuity, the adaptability and survival spirit of the travelers, ready to live a continuous discovery for the eyes and the soul, make the difference. Exploring unknown territories and seeking hospitality among the local population will force “Beijing Express” travelers to adapt to the local lifestyle with centuries-old traditions, strange customs and unthinkable foods: the more travelers can inevitably feel a part of it , the more you will feel The more you learn about the new world, the more unforgettable your experience will be. The adventure of this edition of “Pechino Express” – from Thursday March 7th at 9.15 p.m. exclusively on Sky Uno and streaming only on NOW, always available on demand and viewable on Sky Go – will, as already mentioned, be covered by thousands Develop kilometers.


Beijing Express returns with the Dragon Route From Caressa to

Beijing Express, Piccinini and Ghedina are “The Giants”, but the former skier admits: “To take part I had to ask my partner for permission.”

Apparently, among the couples who suffered the least from fatigue was the couple made up of athletes Kristian Ghedina and Francesca Piccinini, who wanted to return on the first day? Fabio Caressa tried to betray his daughter Eleonora. “Dad surprised me.

I discovered sides of his character that I didn't know about. One of them, above all, is sensitivity. It's nice for a daughter to see her father from a different perspective. And it happened to me.

Paolo Cevoli traveled with his wife. “From this experience I understood that I can now hitchhike from Rimini to Riccione.” All joking aside. For Damiano Carrara, traveling with his brother Massimiliano was like being a child again: “I know him like the back of my hand. I did everything with him, faced adversity, he went with me to America to open pastry shops. Now living together in Beijing meant reliving it all again.”

Then there are the Brillanti with Nancy Brilli as team leader: “I knew the program, but I didn't find it that strenuous and tiring, luckily we made it out alive.” I myself didn't expect how challenging this game would be. It's a journey but also a race. It was important to have Pierluigi by my side. I had fun like crazy. I never thought I would be able to do what I did. I looked like an avatar. But now I'm very curious to see myself again.

There is no shortage of beauty. From her friend Maddalena (“At first it wasn’t easy leaving your family, but then Beijing kidnaps you”). Corvaglia and Barbara Petrillo to the Italian-Argentinian Estefania Bernal and Antonella Fiordelisi…

1709671878 7 Beijing Express returns with the Dragon Route From Caressa to

The competing couples:

I CARESSA Fabio and Eleonora Caressa

THE PASTIERES Damiano and Massimiliano Carrara

THE FRATM Artem and Antonio Orefice

THE ROMAGNOLI Paolo Cevoli and Elisabetta Garuffi

THE BRILLIANTS Nancy Brilli and Pierluigi Iorio

THE GIANTS Kristian Ghedina and Francesca Piccinini

FRIENDS Maddalena Corvaglia and Barbara Petrillo

ITALY ARGENTINA Estefania Bernal and Antonella Fiordelisi

Before a game ends. The pairs were renamed using a football comparison by Fabio Caressa. “The giants are Buffon and Gattuso. The Pasticerri become the Filippini twins: two good players, but no masters… And the Brillanti? They are a very stylish couple: I say Ronaldinho (Nancy Brilli) and Kakà (Pierluigi Iorio). The Fretmans: I could say Careca and Maradona, but it would be more realistic if I said that Artem is similar to Ostigaard. Then there are my friends Maddalena and Barbara, who remind me of Pirlo and Marchisio. When I think of the Italian-Argentine players, I would say: Lautaro Martinez and the goalkeeper Vicario (Fiordalisi's friend, editor's note). But Bastoni should also stay with Inter and a national team. Infinen, the people of Romagna or Paramatti with Eraldo Pecci, two really nice people in life like Paolo Cevoli and his wife. I forgot myself and my daughter: like Signorini and Fulvio in the time of the Roma. They called them contact lenses…”