Belen mentions the name of another of De Martino39s lovers

Belen mentions the name of another of De Martino's lovers. And he risks a lawsuit

Stefano De Martino has been at the center of rumors ever since Belen Rodriguez officially declared that she was cheated on multiple times. In fact, since the showgirl's guest appearance on Domenica in, various rumors began to circulate about De Martino's possible lovers. So Belen invented another name after Alessia Marcuzzi's: Antonella Fiordelisi. However, the interested party personally denied the alleged flirtation with the dancer and wrote publicly on Twitter: “I am enjoying these beautiful vacation days and find myself in vulgar chatter about people who have nothing to do.” I have never been with engaged people in my life , so the lawyers deal with serious allegations.”

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Therefore, Fiordelisi would have taken legal action against Belen, who would even risk being reported for the “persistent private attacks” against Fiordelisi. Nevertheless, the rumor about the alleged flirtation between the fencer and the Neapolitan dancer still seems to be a big gossip popular. According to reports from Dillingernews, there was actually something between ex-Gieffina and Rodriguez's ex-husband when he was still single. More specifically, it would be the time before the final flashback between Belen and Stefano, when she was still engaged to Antonino Spinalbese.