Belen the social reaction removes all doubt here is what

Belen, the social reaction removes all doubt: here is what it revealed

Belen Rodriguez and Bruno Cerella. First ex, then friends, then (maybe) even a little more. And now the doubt arises as to what is really happening Personal life of Pretty Showgirl. Because after the (never openly declared) end of the relationship with Elio Lorenzoni, Belen now juggles between outings with friends, suspicious paparazzi shots of Chi, short solo vacations, and so on. What if Some rumors compare her to the basketball player Cerella, a likely new flirt, wants to show the world (especially social media) how things really are. A direct answer trimmed to a fanIn fact, all the cards on the table now change. Let's see the details below.

Belen's social response

There's something really sweet about it between Belen and Bruno Cerella? That's what many have asked in recent days, following the exclusive photos of Chi in which the Argentine presenter was seen accompanied by the basketball player. Among other things, he would also be an ex, so the doubts seem quite justified. But they are increasing the hints that make you think of a very simple friendship, with Cerella in the role of shoulder and support afterwards turbulent love relationships that Rodriguez had to go through last year.

In fact, it's new on Instagram, Belen's response to the comment of a fan who seemed very, perhaps too much, “involved” in the Argentine’s current sentimental situation. “I if I were you,” the social media user began, “I would have wiped out all the men Who you gave fame and so much visibility to, who you took so much shit for, and I would have started with myself ALONE.” Then the addition: “A new beginning with me is worth 1000 times more than.” repeat the same mistakes with different men … You shouldn't brag that you don't care about public opinion … But remember that you also have two children, You are a mother before you are a woman!!”.

To this species little lesson for life (unsolicited) Belen decided to answer clearly and concisely. “I'm single,” he said dryly, “These are just rumors”. A few words to silence a stream of hypotheses, doubts and speculations. According to his own information, between Belen and Bruno Cerella there would be nothing but a solid friendship. He also made a point of emphasizing the matter an explanation to the Gazzetta dello Sport: “We are great friends, we laugh great, we drink mate like all Argentines.” We enjoy enjoying each other's company.. Nevertheless, there are those who continue to dream of a new love for the beautiful Belen. After all, Elio also had rejections at the beginning. And he too was a friend before he was anything else. So if you have any doubts, let's sit back and take a look how it will end.