Benoit Briere opens up about the health issues that could

Benoît Brière opens up about the health issues that could take his life –

It was a whole medical epic that Benoît Brière lived when, in the fall of 2021, serious health problems forced him to take a career break and postpone commitments, notably several performances by Broue. Last summer he returned to the topic on the show Bonsoir bonsoir.

However, in early 2023, the 57-year-old actor just saw that bracket come to an end. Met in the cinema as part of the upcoming release of the film Coco ferme – new opus of Tales for all – a Benoît Brière nevertheless very fit today told with energy, kindness and many details what exactly happened.

“I’m someone who doesn’t need anyone, who puts a lot of pressure on myself at work and in life in general. I may have – it may be genetic – a weakness in the digestive tract. Let’s call it the same! One evening of the first, stage fright manifests itself in me as abdominal pain, ”he began to tell us.

In 2020-2021, our Quebec Robin Williams had “a lot of no-fun and no-fun professional affairs happening” and causing him diverticulitis. “Inflammation of a cavity, weak bowel,” says he, who has been treated with antibiotics. “There was nothing to call his mother! »

He had been warned that diverticulitis attacks could return at any time without warning. That after three or four such attacks he should think about an operation to remove the affected piece of intestine, otherwise the diverticulitis will not turn into appendicitis, then peritonitis, which could have threatened his life.

And that was unfortunately the case in November 2021. On the 4th he was hospitalized. On the 6th he underwent emergency surgery.

“I spent a day filming ‘La Confrérie’ in Quebec City and came back from there… It had started the night before. It’s like a cramp that won’t let go. There is no “break” for this cramp! You know it’s diverticulitis. I did my whole day of shooting, then I went to Saint-Eustache to play “Broue”. I got home at 1:30 am and rushed to the hospital. I was diagnosed with acute diverticulitis, given antibiotics for 48 hours, then I was told: “It’s all right Mr. Brière, you’re discharged, you can go home”. »

“Then I went to pee and passed out in the toilet,” continues Benoît Brière. “They scanned me and said, ‘He’s perforated, he’s got peritonitis, he’s dying! We’re going to operate on him!’ I had emergency surgery. When I got to the operating table, I had cramps. They told my wife – they were right not to tell me – that my vital organs were “locked up” one by one. I would have gone into a coma if they hadn’t operated on me, da, da! That was November 6th. »


During his operation, the interpreter of the legendary Olivier Guimond in the biographical series Cher Olivier got a temporary ostomy. “I had an inflammation level … In the blood, the inflammation gauge tells us that under 10 is fine; I went to the hospital at 253 and had surgery at 297…” So much so, he points out, that the stoma has become almost unfeasible, but a temporary transverse stoma has even been performed.

The artist then had to undergo another surgery to fix his intestines and “get back into the extended warranty.” But this second operation required a four-month convalescence afterwards. And veteran pro Benoît Brière refused to cancel the 113 performances of Broue scheduled throughout Quebec in 2022.

After the first operation was crowned with success and our former “Mr. Bell” had calmed down again, the diverticulitis crises were over and the stoma was completely pain-free (“It’s just boring, and the word is well chosen!”, remarks the actor), this second operation could be postponed. Benoît Brière has therefore given his 113 Broue shows with his accomplices Martin Drainville and Luc Guérin “without any problems”. And on January 9th, the kind man returned to the hospital to close this painful chapter of his life.

“And there I am a brand new man! ‘ emphasizes the one who interprets Raymond alias ‘Tite-Bière’ in Coco Farm. “I’m recovering, but I’m tapping my foot! Because I’m fine…”

Happy to have this second chance in life, Benoît Brière appreciates it and enjoys it even more… without so much intention of slowing down in his job, his passion. With some downsides.

“It’s like I feel like I have even more energy than I could have had before. But I just want to be wiser in my decisions. »