Beppe Signori his house in Bologna where Leonardo Da Vinci

Beppe Signori, his house in Bologna where Leonardo Da Vinci lived is up for auction: “A piece of my heart”

On the one hand the inspiration and ingenuity on a soccer field, on the other hand the symbol of ingenuity. Beppe Signori And Leonardo da Vinci, in their life they have shared a lot. The comparison may seem outrageous, but in reality the two characters have in common the house they lived in: Felicini Palace. A residence steeped in history that has now become a legend Lazio And Bologna offered for sale.

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According to reports from the Corriere della Sera Bepe Singori He decided to sell his house in Bologna despite being very attached to this residence of inestimable cultural value. Indeed, in its extraordinary existence, Leonardo da Vinci He wandered around Italy with known residences in Florence and Milan, but very little was always known about his home in Bologna. In 1515 the Tuscan genius stayed Felicini Palacein today’s Via Cesare Battisti while he followed Giuliano de’ doctors who was in town to meet Francis I, King of France. The Building It has recently been restored and now the former striker is ready to sell it. The historic building has been owned by Signori since 2002 and is now for sale Sotheby’s for 3 million and 200 thousand euros.

“A Piece of Heart”

Selling a house, a piece of history, is never easy. AND Beppe Signoritogether with his wife Tina, is very attached to a house that he calls a real “piece of heart». Former Rossoblu bomber says he likes this house very much. Within these walls he saw his family growing and for this reason the decision to offer it for sale was not easy for him. Given the size of the building, Giuseppe and Tina also created a B&B, a boutique hotel, Le Stanze degli Angeli, open from 2017 until the pandemic. In the past they have rented the apartment to other sports celebrities such as Marco Di Vaio and basketball players, all of whom have been struck by the majesty of the home.

On sale

The approx. 620 m2 residential property is now being sold Italy Sotheby’s International Realty for 3 million and 200,000 euros and is housed in one of the most famous and best preserved 15th-century buildings in the capital of Emilia. The construction of the palace, decorated with terracotta, predates Leonardo’s visit to Bologna: it was built in the 14th century on the basis of a late 13th-century building. The residence is on three levels and has an independent entrance accessed from a courtyard shared with other real estate units.

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