1709110141 Berlin Women find severed thigh in Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg

Berlin: Women find severed thigh in Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg

A person's severed thigh triggered a major police operation in a park in Berlin on Tuesday. 120 people searched for other body parts in the Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg and surrounding streets, the public prosecutor's office and police said.

As the possibility of homicide cannot be ruled out, a homicide commission from the State Criminal Police Department is investigating. The Public Prosecutor's Office also began the investigation.

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According to information, passers-by called the police in the morning. Just before 9 a.m., several dogs smelled something in the bushes. When the women looked, they discovered a piece of meat in the grass. A forensic doctor determined it was part of a human leg.

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The public park was closed. Police searched the green area in northeast Berlin with dogs and sticks. Indira-Gandhi-Straße, Süderbrokweg, Sigridstraße, Maiglöckchenstraße and Schneeglöckchenstraße were closed.

According to the Public Ministry, the thigh should be examined by forensic medicine. The examination should also help determine the identity of the person to whom the leg belongs. The “Tagesspiegel” first reported the discovery.