1704306990 Bertin Osborne father of his seventh child at 69 reiterates

Bertín Osborne, father of his seventh child at 69, reiterates that he does not want to be a father

Bertin Osborne father of his seventh child at 69 reiterates

One of the most surprising pregnancies of 2023 has come to an end. After being discussed in public opinion for nine months, the singer and television presenter Bertín Osborne has become the father of his seventh child, at the age of 69, with the businesswoman Marlises Gabriela Guillén, 33. So they confirmed it this Tuesday, January 2nd , in the program Así es la vida. The baby was born on December 31st in a Madrid clinic. Bertín initially did not want to make the pregnancy public because the newborn was neither “wanted” nor “sought for”. As if the news alone wasn't enough, it was announced in August that his daughter Claudia, 34, was pregnant. Therefore, he becomes the father of his seventh child and grandfather of his eighth grandson almost at the same time.

The singer complained over the summer about the barrage of criticism he received when the news broke. Bertín Osborne was forced to upload a video on his social networks in which he warned: “In my entire career I have never suffered such brutal harassment as I have these days.” He went on the Sonsoles Ónega program “And Now Sonsoles”. live when they interviewed his ex-wife Fabiola Martínez (50) to say that he was “responsible for his actions” and that he would take care of their child. “I will try to ensure that both he and his mother have a comfortable life. This is what I have to do in terms of justice and ethics,” he said at the time.

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At that time, the mother of the newborn took the opportunity to distance herself from Bertín Osborne and reiterate what everyone in the meetings was saying: “I have already chosen his name, he is my son and that's all.” Bertín quickly replied: “You is a wonderful girl, they say she wanted to hunt me. This is not true, relationships are mutual, I am older than a forest, no one teases me and no one deceives me. “Gabriela wasn't my thing.” According to the above broadcast, the singer found out about the news at the same time as the rest of Spain while enjoying the Christmas holidays at his estate in Seville. The model was due to give birth on December 31st and apparently gave birth to a natural child in Madrid on the same day, the last day of the year.

Guillén, model and head of a beauty clinic in Madrid, and the popular presenter met during an advertising campaign for El Capote in April 2022, a clothing brand whose image has been the artist for many years. “Do you want to be a father again?” they asked him last May in the magazine “¡Hola!”. “I would rather be a grandfather. “In fact, I am happy because my daughter Claudia is returning from Australia in ten days with her daughter Micaela,” Osborne replied.

More specifically, the magazine Hello! has arrived on newsstands this Wednesday, January 3rd with an exclusive interview with the presenter. In it he once again praises the mother of his new son. “I've heard a bit of everything about her over the last few months and there are radically unfair things that I don't want to let go of. Gabriela is a great girl, let's keep it up! Gabriela is a very good person. Very attractive. Very hard working. Very decent. I can't praise her enough. And I heard out there that… Yes money, yes interest… No, no and no!” he warns. “She rejected and refused any help I could offer. That can be said with justification. And yet it’s very, very, very unfair that she is accused of something she didn’t do,” he added in the interview.

The singer had three daughters with Sandra Domecq, with whom he had been married since 1977, Alejandra (45 years old), Eugenia (37) and Claudia (34), as well as a son, Cristian, who died of a malformation shortly after birth 1999. His second marriage to Fabiola Martínez (50 years old) produced two more children, Kike (16 years old) and Carlos (15 years old). The “My House Is Yours” host is also the grandfather of seven grandchildren. Her daughters Eugenia and Alejandra, both separated from their husbands, each had three children during their marriage, and Claudia became a mother for the first time last summer. It is not yet known whether Bertín will travel to Madrid in the coming days to visit his new son and his mother, with whom he has no contact. The last time they saw each other was on July 1st, as stated in the ¡Hola! interview.

Regarding his new offspring, Bertín confirms to the magazine that he intends to do a paternity test: “It is not a question of mistrust, but simply a matter that must be ratified, because if not, there will be problems.” Hey, what if it's confirmed to be mine? I am a responsible person and will help and take care of whatever I need to take care of. That's all. There's nothing more to tell. It wasn't a very long relationship and it ended like that… But I only have good words for her. I just decided I wasn't going to be a father. “That I don’t want to be a father.”