Betty Faria refutes sexist comment on her Playboy cover

Betty Faria refutes sexist comment on her Playboy cover

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Posted on 01/17/2023 5:12 PM

    (Image credit: Playback/Instagram/Playboy)

(Image credit: Playback/Instagram/Playboy)

Betty Faria was the target of sexism after her Playboy magazine cover was published and decided to respond to the comment accordingly. The cover was created in 1980, at the height of the actress’ career and fueled by politics, Betty turned hater at the age of 81.


“The time clock is unrelenting! Yesterday a handjob inspiration, today an outlaw actress… She clung to the left to no longer be a resident of the Artists’ Home,” wrote one netizen, detonating the actress.

The comment broke Twitter’s rules for being offensive and was removed as a result. But at first Betty made a point of replying and scoffed at the man who had insulted her. “Guys, this poor fellow is full of anger and knows nothing. light and block [bloqueado]’ the actress shot.

Finally, upon seeing the content posted by the netizen and the actress’ response, Betty received support from fans. “Betty, my dear. You are an icon, a muse, a diva. Always has been and always will be,” said one.

Guys, this poor guy is full of anger and doesn’t know anything. Light and Block

— Betty Faria (@BettyFaria) January 16, 2023

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