Beverly Johnson says hotel emptied pool after she used it

Beverly Johnson says hotel emptied pool after she used it – TMZ

The Beverly Johnson Hotel drained the pool after swimming… That wasn't found out until years later

Jan 20, 2024 5:24 pm PT

Beverly JohnsonShe talks about the racism she says she's faced throughout her career… but one moment is somehow new to her – even though the event happened some 40 years ago.

The 71-year-old – who was the first black model to appear on the cover of Vogue almost 50 years ago – revealed she once went swimming at a hotel… and after she jumped out, the pool was emptied.

Here's the deal… BJ told Page Six that she pulled over Eileen FordShe was at the 90th birthday party in 2012 – about two years before EF's death – and her friends were talking about the old days when someone asked if she remembered a particular hotel that drained the pool in the '80s .

Bev says she was shocked – she had no idea it was happening at the time… and even though she didn't know about it at the time, she's sure it was racism. FYI, Johnson won't name the hotel … and says she's not looking to get sued.

The mother-of-one added that tons of things like this would happen to her in the modeling world simply because of the color of her skin… She didn't explain this in more detail on Page Six, but in her 2015 memoir “The Face That Changed Everything.” and she Editorial 2020 Both speak in different ways about ongoing racism in the industry.

Another interesting part of the interview – Beverly revealed the model Lauren Hutton When it came to modeling opportunities, she always advocated for them.

Johnson said LH would “go to photo shoots and say out loud, 'Why isn't Beverly on the covers of magazines? She's just as pretty,'” adding that Lauren was the “it girl” at the time, so her words meant something…basically get a girlfriend like Lauren Hutton!

By the way…Beverly is doing press to promote her new one-woman show off-Broadway called “Beverly Johnson In Vogue.” She seems pretty excited about it – just look at how excited she was when we met her in NYC.

Obviously BJ doesn't bother anyone who tries to tear her down…break a leg, Bev!!!