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Beyoncé challenges the white narrative: the crazy looks with which she conquers the country universe | Famous | S fashion

Beyoncé is used to throwing punches. In 2017, she announced the pregnancy of her twins with a pose in underwear surrounded by flowers that went viral; The outfits she wore on her Reinaissance tour were show-worthy, including clothes from Loewe, Alexander McQueen, David Koma, Gucci, Fendi, and the cover of the album that gave the tour its name, Renaissance Act I, from that year 2022 , revolutionized the broadcasters by showing the diva from Houston (Texas) on a glass horse, with long Lady Godiva hair and a short rhinestone body, in a contemporary version of the shocking image of Bianca Jagger, standing on a white Horse arrived at Studio 54.

Now he's done it again. The singer is preparing to release her new album, “Renaissance Act II,” which she will release in March and whose progress has been met with controversy after the debate over the exclusion of black artists from the country music scene and some stations reignited that on this Genre specialized company has refused to program Beyoncé songs. The discussion is not new: Rapper Lil Nas X was criticized in 2018 for his song Old Town Road. The song peaked at number 19 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, but was later disqualified from that category by Billboard. But the Texan has turned a deaf ear to the criticism and is now going all country, which is reflected in her latest outfits, such as the one she chose to celebrate Valentine's Day with her husband Jay Z. For this romantic date, Beyoncé © posed in a sheer dress with a corset and a belt with a distinctive buckle, complemented by a cowboy hat. The look comes from the Italian duo Dolce & Gabanna and Beyoncé ushered in her cowboy era in style.

Beyoncé shared these Beyoncé shared these “cowboy”-inspired outfits for Valentine's Day on her Instagram account. Instagram: @beyonce

Although she had already given some hints about where her new work would go through her stylistic cues, the 42-year-old artist wanted to announce her next release in a big way: she announced it during the Super Bowl broadcast. which took on the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers on February 12 in Las Vegas. The first to win was the team of Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift's partner. But Swift wasn't the only singer getting attention that night: Beyoncé took advantage of the broadcast – which has already become the most-watched event in American television history, with 123.4 million viewers watching the party and 202.4 million tuning in at some point .” “to insert an ad for his Act II, which goes on sale March 29th. The commercial starred her and actor Tony Hale, with the desert as a backdrop, country music sounds from her new song, and a license plate proclaiming the name Texas Hold 'Em.

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The singer shared the cover of the single, which is named after a type of poker game that features the name of her home state, on her Instagram account. He looked suggestive in it and stayed true to his new cowboy theme: the hat and belt with a shiny buckle were a must. With a short message he revealed that two of his new songs, Texas Hold 'Em and 16 Carriages, have already been released.

But the list of cowboy-style outfits does not end there. To attend the Luar show (signature of Dominican Republic designer Raúl López) on February 13 during New York Fashion Week, the singer shone in a gray suit decorated with silver embroidery from the Indian designer's haute couture collection Designer Gaurav Gupta decorated the elaborate rodeo costumes that Nudie Cohn designed in the 1970s. She accessorized with a matching cowboy hat and a bag from Luar, the brand that invited her to the front row.

Beyoncé at the Luar show during New York Fashion Week on February 13th.Beyoncé at the Luar show at New York Fashion Week on February 13th. Michael Loccisano (Getty Images)

And a few weeks earlier, the singer had also left a hint of her new cowboy era at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles: Beyoncé appeared at the gala in one of the suits designed by her friend Pharrell Williams as creative director of Louis Vuitton's men's line. It was a set from the fall-winter 2024 collection, a leather jacket and trousers with silver inlays, which were not missing the cowboy hat as an addition. Now that the leitmotif of the artist's next album is clear, all that remains to be discovered is the new outfits that look like they come from a rodeo or a western and with which the Texan will surprise again this year.

Beyoncé with Dua Lipa at the Grammy ceremony on February 4 in Los Angeles.Beyoncé with Dua Lipa at the Grammy ceremony on February 4 in Los Angeles. Johnny Nunez (Getty Images for The Recording A)