Bia Miranda Gretchens granddaughter says she lived on the

‘ ‘: Bia Miranda, Gretchen’s granddaughter, says she lived on the streets when she was 7

The participants of “A Fazenda” live not only from fighting, but also from having fun and even letting off steam. In the early hours of Saturday (1), it was Bia Miranda’s turn, Gretchen’s adoptive granddaughter, to chat with Shayan and share a little about her life story when her behavior was questioned by her coworker.

“Look, let me explain. All my life I’ve been burned by cigarettes, I’ve been slapped in the face, I’ve lived on the streets. I stayed one day when I was 7 years old and slept on the street. I washed the bathroom, the house, everything. Because my mother asked every single day until I was 17 years old,” said the influencer.

“I turned 17, got a husband and quickly moved in with him. All my life I’ve suffered from friendships, from dating, from a mother, from family, from people of my own blood that I’ve suffered from. I don’t come and say that I’m rude and impolite. If I am like this today, it is because I have suffered a lot in the past. I suffered a lot with friendship and family,” he added.

Bia Miranda is the

Bia Miranda is the “fake” granddaughter of the Rebolado Queen

Photo: RD1

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