Bianca Andrade threatens to sue Gabi Prado and influencer shoots

Bianca Andrade threatens to sue Gabi Prado and influencer shoots: “I insist on paying this lawyer”

Bianca Andrade responded to allegations by Gaby Prado after the two fell out at a New Year’s Eve party in Pernambuco and announced they would file a lawsuit. The influencer claimed it was the exBBB who started the fight. “She was standing in line for the bathroom drunk and I followed behind and went to help,” the exOn Vacation with the Ex explained.

Gabi said that Bianca doesn’t like her and the reason is a comment she made about “handing over” the businesswoman and Daniel Caon, Rafa Kalimann’s ex, to Boca Rosa’s enemy on BBB 20. “They went to a party together and were there in front of everyone! I thought it was fine, but if it bothers you, I apologise,” he said.

Bianca Andrade gives her version

In Instagram Stories, Bianca Andrade denied that there had been attacks or humiliation. “This story they made up that I humiliated someone who took part in reality is a lie. It’s a very big accusation. That person who made it up now has the right place to answer, and in court,” he said.

Bianca confirmed that she was stressed and didn’t want any contact with Gabi Prado. According to the Youtuber, she wasn’t “drunk.” “I was standing in line for the bathroom talking to a friend and this person pulled my arm. I looked at her and said to her, ‘Don’t touch me’. She knows why I don’t want to talk to her.” he clarified.

Bianca also reported that Gabi started talking about a person she should have a relationship with. “I thought it was a bloody lack of respect. After that she deleted it, I got on with my life, I didn’t say anything else. I was fine but I don’t want to talk,” he added.

Gabi Prado reciprocates Bianca Andrade

Despite the threat of a lawsuit, Gabi Prado maintained her original version: “I insist on paying this lawyer. I’m tired of bowing down to this type of person. I was drunk, yes, he humiliated me, yes, and.” I didn’t pull your arm, darling. I wanted to help you. What for, right? And if you sue me, don’t forget to analyze your nature and character first, because that can’t be bought. So, our 2023 will be beautiful”.