Bianca Censori without underwear at Paris Fashion Week

Bianca Censori without underwear at Paris Fashion Week

At just a pair of socks: that's how she introduced herself Bianca censors at Paris Fashion Week. Kanye West's wife She is no stranger to certain provocative looks. But this time her fashion sense could cost her dearly. Those sheer tights, probably worn without underwear, might actually cost her a complaint, a fine of 15,000 euros and even an arrest.

Kanye West, secret wedding to Bianca Censori.  Who is the rapper's new wife?

Kanye West, secret wedding to Bianca Censori.  Who is the rapper's new wife?

The provocative looks of Kanye West's wife

Amaze and provoke: That is the aim of many of the outfits that Ye's wife shows. In fact, both she and her husband love wearing unconventional clothing. If the rapper often wears balaclava masks that completely cover his visa, she prefers to reveal herself. In fact, the sheer looks are Bianca Censori's favorites. At the At the Marni fashion show during Milan Fashion Week, she appeared in a very high-cut bodysuit which left little to the imagination. A hot body, just paired with pink boots. And now history is repeating itself in Paris. However, with a different ending.

Bianca Censori at Paris Fashion Week

here you are The look selected by Bianca Censori and presented at Paris Fashion Week. Some images were published on the website I only wear a pair of sheer stockings and a fur coat. And exactly that Tights that are worn as a trouser version and without underwear They caused discussions.

The rapper's wife Does he not wear underwear? The optical effect looks the same. But it is not impossible that the 29-year-old Australian decided to wear it Nude colored adhesive briefs with the aim of camouflaging (and hiding) only what is necessary. It's called a C-string and it's a self-adhesive, laceless brief that's virtually invisible once worn. The goal? Surprise the audience with an anti-slip effect. And Bianca Censori did it very well. To the point that Many international media censored his photos because they were considered scandalous.

Bianca Censori risks a fine and arrest

(Photo by Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images)

But that is not all. In addition to the scandal, Kanye West's wife may have benefited from something else. In fact, she contradicted it with that transparent look an article of the new French penal code that penalizes certain types of clothing. “Intentional sexual exposure to others in a place open to the public is punishable by one year in prison,” the code states. Now white censors He risks being reported, fined 15,000 euros and even arrested.