Biden sees a resumption of the dispute with Trump as

Biden sees a resumption of the dispute with Trump as certain

The Democrats and Republicans won their parties' primaries in the state of New Hampshire

United States President and reelection candidate Joe Biden said it is “clear” that Donald Trump will be the Republican Party's nominee in the race for the White House.

This emerges from a statement released following the results of the New Hampshire state primary election on Tuesday (January 23, 2024). Information comes from The New York Times.

>@Joe Biden in his statement this evening: “It is now clear that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee.”

— Seung Min Kim (@seungminkim) January 24, 2024

“My message to the country is that the risks could not be greater. Our democracy. Our personal freedoms, from the right to vote to the right to vote. Our economy, which has seen the strongest recovery globally since Covid. “All of that is at stake,” the Democrat said of Trump’s nomination.

The Republican received the most votes in the party's primaries. Biden also won the Democratic primary in New Hampshire, but the president's victory was considered symbolic because his name was not on the ballot. However, the North American state allows voters to write a candidate's name on the ballot.

“I want to thank everyone who wrote my name tonight [23.jan] in New Hampshire. It was a historic demonstration of commitment to our democratic process,” Biden said in the statement.

The incident occurred because Biden did not register for the race after the US state refused to give up its seat to South Carolina. In the previous election, New Hampshire was the first state to hold the Democratic primary, but the party's national committee agreed to a new calendar in April 2023 that designates South Carolina as the first state.

Still, New Hampshire Democrats ignored the change and held caucuses on Tuesday (Jan. 23). The delegates were not distributed among the preliminary candidates. The official start of the Democratic primary will take place on February 3rd in the South Carolina primary.

Understand the US elections

In the US, states hold election previews before the official election Area codes or Committee. The aim is to select from among the parties' preliminary candidates the person who will represent the party in the election planned for November 5th.

In the electoral assemblies, each state organizes its primary elections according to its own rules. There are 2 models. The traditional variant with ballot papers that can be open, closed or free. Only with partners or not. The caucus is a party meeting. Voters gather in a room to decide who the candidate will be.

In the United States, the winner of elections is not the candidate with the most votes, but the one who wins a majority of delegates in each state. These are distributed to the candidate with the most votes. With previews the logic is different. Delegates vote in proportion to the number of votes.

The main date for the caucuses will be March 5, when voters from 16 states and one territory will vote. The date is known as Super Tuesday. The territories of Guam and the Virgin Islands will end the preview on June 8th.


Voting not mandatory

In the United States, no one is legally required to vote in local, state, or presidential elections. According to the Constitution, voting is a right but not an obligation.

Electoral College

The President and Vice President of the United States are elected indirectly by the Electoral College. Each state has the same number of delegates as seats in Congress (House of Representatives and Senate). There are 538 delegates.

After the president is elected, the vote is counted at the state level. In 48 states and Washington DC, the winner receives all of that state's electoral votes. Maine and Nebraska allocate their electors using a proportional representation system.

To win the presidential election, a candidate needs the votes of at least 270 delegates more than half of the total.

Typically, a projected winner is announced on election night in November. However, the official vote in the Electoral College takes place in midDecember, when the delegates meet.

The results will be announced on January 6, 2025. The inauguration will take place on January 20th.