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The GPS system disruptions that occurred in Poland and Sweden between December and January may have been caused by electronic warfare exercises conducted by Russia in the Kaliningrad region. This is suspected by the American think tank ISW, quoted by the Polish agency Pap. Polish media had reported that on January 16 there were particularly serious disruptions to the GPS system in the northern and eastern areas of the country, for example in Warsaw and Łódź, for example due to navigation device malfunctions, recalls the Pap. Previously, similar cases were reported in northwest and central Poland from December 25th to 27th to January 10th. Disturbances were also reported in the southern part of the Baltic Sea, the ISW said. The ISW analysts, the PAP continued, cited the assessments of Polish analysts that the December cases could be related to unspecified exercises by NATO forces in the Baltic Sea or to the activity of Russian troops in the Kaliningrad region, where there are There are communication disorders. Operations were carried out. Further cases were observed in Sweden on January 12th. According to the Swedish Military Intelligence and Security Service (MUST), these disruptions could have been caused by the activities of the Russian Baltic Fleet, the Polish authority adds. Russian media had reported that the Baltic Fleet had been conducting exercises with the Borisoglebsk-2 automated communications jamming system in the Kalinigrand region since mid-December. According to the ISW analysis, Pap concludes, some sources link these activities to the disruptions observed in Poland and Sweden.