Big Brother Anita breaks away from Garibaldi but he

Big Brother, Anita breaks away from Garibaldi, but he explains himself: "It is love" TVDaily

Big Brother, Anita, breaks up with Garibaldi, but he declares himself:

In the last hours in the Big Brother House, Anita Olivieri gave some reflections on her relationship with Garibaldi.

It's been a few days now in the Big Brother House Anita Olivieri distanced herself a little from Giuseppe Garibaldi. The two have been close since the start of the reality show “Canale Cinque”. a very strong bond became very united and complicit in a short period of time. So much so that some time ago, when Beatrice Luzzi saw them so close and always together, he had hinted that there might be more to it than just friendship.

But if there was nothing on Anita's side and she had actually distanced herself a little from her roommate in the last few days, on the other hand It is not clear whether the Calabrian caretaker's feelings for his friend are just friendship or something greater.

In fact, in the last few hours as I have spoken and confided in Rosy Chin, Giuseppe Garibaldi has opened up about some unpublished revelations about his relationship with Anita and admitted that he cannot live without her.

Big Brother, the confessions of Giuseppe and Anita

Here are his words: “Our bond is strong. If I don't see her here, I'll go crazy. She's a part of me. I hit it off with her immediately. There was something that united us and that is undeniable, something that when I think about it I cannot put into words. See, I get paranoid when I don't see it, and when it's not there, I get paranoid. For me it is eternal love, a love, brotherly love. In my opinion, I will still devote more time to Anita if I have a friend outside of here. Then she has her schedule and her things, but she’s tough.”

To many, Joseph's words seemed like one word Declaration of love to Anita. But at the moment it is not clear whether he is really in love or it is really just “brotherly love”.

In the meantime, however, Anita Olivieri speaks with confidence in Letizia Petris: She admitted that she was upset by her friend's attitude: “I'm glad that he makes me breakfast every day, but I'm not a person who doesn't know how to make breakfast.” It's not that I don't live without him, and if he thinks that way, that's fine my nervous system messed up. I am an independent person and when another person doesn't even let me get up from the chair to get salt, it's normal for me to get annoyed. I am 26 years old! But then he comes to me and says: “Come, come with me, let's go”, but when I talk to someone, release me. It's not like I have to live with him now. Come on, he can't do that please. He must understand that we cannot live in symbiosis.

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