Big brother Federico is angry with Mirko quotPeacock he talks

Big brother, Federico is angry with Mirko: "Peacock, he talks a lot of nonsense" TVDaily

Big Brother, Federico is angry with Mirko: “Pavone, he says a lot of nonsense”

In the last few hours in the Big Brother House, Federico Massaro commented on Mirko Brunetti's attitude towards Giuseppe Garibaldi in the last episode.

In last Monday's episode of Big Brother, Mirko Brunetti, interviewed by Alfonso Signorini, said: He had something to say about Giuseppe Garibaldi and the special friendship that was formed with his ex-girlfriend Perla Vatiero.

The former tenant reiterated his previously expressed thoughts: with the statement that the Calabrian caretaker was a “player” for him, who would play with Pearl and use her as a “pawn.” Perla, for her part, after listening to her ex-boyfriend's words, said that she was disappointed in his behavior and convinced that Giuseppe's intentions towards her are completely sincere.

Big Brother, Federico snaps at Mirko Brunetti

Days later, in the final hours, Federico Massaro he returned to the subject Commentary on Mirko Brunetti's attitude towards Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Here's what he said, as Biccy reports: “He said some nonsense, a lot of nonsense, just nonsense. Come even less. He wants to be a peacock now. He came home leaving behind the maturity he thought he had found, along with the humility of discovering the crap he never had here. Should I stop? NO! I didn't like at all how he treated a person he called a friend until yesterday, like Giuseppe, who was outside doing something else. Have you seen things outside? But no, Pearl is not blind and then she trusts Giuseppe. If he thinks he can trust Giuseppe, then that's true. He makes her laugh and calm her down. If he says he loves seeing Pearl calm and happy, then he should be happy. He misdescribed Joseph.

Then he added: “Here he was sweet and cuddly. I love Perla and I can't defend him. He says he's grown up, but after five years he doesn't understand Pearl. He makes it clear that he doesn't trust Pearl. She has her mind and he needs to respect her and trust her more.

Given these reflections and revelations from Federico about the former tenant, will Alfonso Signorini decide to confront him in the next episode of GF Mirko Brunetti?

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