Big Brother Perla confesses quotWe hung out the night before

Big Brother, Perla confesses: "We hung out the night before the show"

Since Perla and Mirko separated, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge. But months later, we're still talking about it. The girl in particular seems to still be linked to her ex-boyfriend. This was clearly evident at their recent meeting in the House of Representatives, and in reality it is easy to understand just from the fact that she continues to reveal new, unpublished facts about her. Like one, very intimate, that Perla told the other Big Brother companions and that the Biccy website reported on.

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Perla’s “hot” revelation

Perla said of her experience at GF: “Remember where I came from. I hadn't seen Mirko for five months. The day before arriving on Temptation Island, the night before, we were together.” He then clarified: “Yes, in that sense.” He later continued: “Then we got into the program, we broke up and we didn't see each other again for months and then we hugged here again. This wasn't normal and I think it's understandable. You understood it mentally.” What did I have to do? I think it was the last time we were alone with him and then I see him again in a house with a thousand cameras.

Finally he came to the conclusion: “What if he came back here in a week? And what would he do? What if I wanted him here? You're getting me in trouble. Not that I'm changing, I'm myself.” “At first I wasn't like I am now? That's my way of being, I'm Diesel. “I took over in an already educated context… he also always tells me that I'm someone who starts slowly.” The reference is almost certainly to Pearl's stance in the House of Representatives.

“Boss Settings”, “There are Witnesses”: Live conflict between Beatrice and Perla on Big Brother

At the beginning she seemed determined, but also very docile and level-headed, but in the last few days she seems to have changed completely. He exposes himself both during the week and throughout the episode, making strong, even divisive statements. There have been tensions in recent weeks, particularly with Beatrice. Certainly not just anyone, but the competitor who has created more momentum in the House of Representatives than anyone else and who is also very popular with the public. According to the previews published by Mediaset itself, this is exactly what will be discussed again this evening. The appointment is therefore at the Canale Cinque from around 9.30 p.m.

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