"Big Brother": Rosanna leaves the House of Representatives, Sergio, Bea and Federico nominated

January 16, 202401:18

Disciplinary action for Stefano, who was officially nominated for elimination on January 29th and received the fewest votes of the three nominees this evening

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New appointment with “Big Brother“, the Canale 5 reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini. The Cinecittà loft is divided by tensions between the new and old competitors due to the crowded televoting Rosanna has to leave the house. Fiordaliso, who knew her children would never visit her, had a truly unexpected surprise: the visit from Paolo, her youngest son, who had just gotten off a flight from Bangkok. While Anita, always at the center of controversy and always Beatrice's opponent, was able to hug her brother Leandro again. Disciplinary action for Stefano Who will be nominated for the elimination on January 29th: along with him the least chosen among tonight's nominees, Sergio, Beatrice Federico.

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After the usual greeting and a short introduction, Alfonso contacts the House of Representatives and immediately raises the topic of the new alliance between former enemies Fiordaliso and Rosanna Fratello.

Fiorda and Rosanna, new friends The two are called to Mistery to talk about the harmony that has emerged between the two singers, who initially couldn't stand each other. As the days went by, they also exchanged intimate and spicy confidences about their respective love lives: that of Rossana, who has only had one man in her life, was very quiet, that of Fiordaliso was much more eventful.

The crack in the house With the arrival of the last competitors, especially Stefano and Sergio, the balance in the House of Representatives seems to have been broken and many of the “veterans” seem to be suffering. Fiordaliso seems to be the one suffering the most from the situation because she is in the middle. According to Beatrice, forming small groups is natural. “After so many months, the curiosity to get to know each other is less great,” she says, “and you stick with the one you feel more comfortable with.” Even Giuseppe says he suffers from the situation, although he considers it natural.

Beatrice against Letizia and Paolo The tension that began in the last episode with Letizia and Paolo's accusations against Vittorio had an aftermath in the week when Beatrice targeted the couple, in her opinion “a fake”, an intense setup purely for strategy reasons. Stefano also sees some strain in their relationship. Instead, Perla steps in to vigorously defend the two, saying that their relationship is lived in intimacy.

Mirko's annoyance at Perla and Giuseppe's friendship Since Mirko left the house, Giuseppe has become closer to Perla. An attitude that Brunetti doesn't like. Perla affirms that there is no malice in their friendship and that she therefore feels the rapprochement with Giuseppe naturally.

The first results of the televoting Alfonso calls on the eight nominated participants to stand up and turn their backs on the LED. Then he opens the envelope and reads out the names of the first people rescued. They are Monia, Beatrice and Anita.

Anita's lifeline Once she is rescued, Anita is called into the courtyard of the hut. The clip shows how he drew his life line. A life marked by love for his brother, the pain of his parents' separation and then his brother's departure abroad. Back live, while he's talking about his brother, the freeze is triggered and Leandro enters. The hug that follows is peppered with plenty of tears.

A surprise for Fiordaliso After a clip showing the participants' work in creating the calendar, Fiordaliso is invited to go to Mistery. Then Alfonso makes contact with Paolo, Fiordaliso's son, who has just arrived from Thailand. The boy prepared a video to convince his mother that he was still in Thailand. Furthermore, he says in the video that he will stay in Bangkok for months, maybe even longer, because he will have other jobs to do. However, when Fiordaliso returns to the living room, things freeze and Paolo enters.

The Verdict: Who Leaves the House? We return to read the results of the televoting. Federico and Stefano were also rescued. That's why Paolo, Sergio and Rosanna stay. However, before we find out who has to go, we are faced with the problem that Sergio Federico is teasing. Someone, like Paolo, took it very seriously; for others, like Fiordaliso, it was exaggerated and a simple joke. Federico, for his part, would demand respect and apologies, something Sergio has no intention of doing. Then Rosanna and Paolo talk about their experiences in the House of Representatives. Paolo is then given the opportunity to say goodbye to Letizia in case he is the one going out. The verdict is then read out: Sergio is rescued first, while Rosanna has to leave the house. Fiordaliso is really upset.

Grecia and Beatrice, a broken friendship The two women, who seemed very close for months, now reach an impasse. Beatrice particularly complains that Grecia put up a wall when Bea tried to become more connected to their intimacy. Colmenares denies this and directs the accusation at Beatrice. Several tenants intervene in Grecia's defense, from Massimiliano to Anita to Giuseppe.

A disciplinary measure On a recent evening, Stefano and Giuseppe were discussing and Stefano, to meet him and Anita, referred to the voting percentages for the public's preferences. Something that clearly violated the rules that required him not to say anything since he was in the race to enter the House of Representatives. For this reason, he is officially nominated for the next elimination, which will take place on Monday, January 29th.

The nominations This week too, everyone is at risk, no more immunity. The first nomination goes to Giuseppe, who has to go to the confessional: the name Sergio should be mentioned for him. Monia also goes to the confessional and mentions Federico. Massimiliano, also from the confessional, names Sergio. Confessional also for Grecia, who says after the discussion that she is sad and names Beatrice. Marco also goes to the confessional and says Sergio's name. Then it is the turn of the highly elected Sergio, who clearly nominates Perla. Clear nomination also for Fiordaliso, who votes for Maddaloni, and for Anita, who votes for Sergio. Paolo goes to the confessional instead, but the name is always the same: Sergio. Stefano clearly mentions Anita's name. Letizia chooses Vittorio instead in the confessional. Rosy clearly votes for Beatrice, while Vittorio returns the vote to Letizia. In the confessional, Perla mentions Sergio's name. Beatrice chooses Giuseppe “because he has once again proven himself to be rude.” The last two nominations are that of Federico, who nominates Bea, and that of Greta, who nominates Federico. Sergio, Beatrice and Federico are nominated.





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