Big Brother the nominees and who is the audience favorite

Big Brother, the nominees and who is the audience favorite. Alfonso Signorini’s faux pas live NATIONAL NEWSPAPER

In the sixth episode of Big Brother, which aired on Thursday, September 28, saw the nominations and the naming of the audience’s favorite. The televoting of this episode was in fact not an elimination: at the end of the last episode, Vittorio, Giselda, Arnold, Grecia Colmenares and Beatrice Luzzi ended up in the nominations and among them the viewers were asked to vote for their favorite tenant.

With the exception of Arnold, Grecia Colmenares and Vittorio, the last two remaining were Giselda and Beatrice Luzzi. Which even at that moment managed to spark controversy against her housemates. And in the end, the audience favorite is Beatrice Luzzi, who also wins immunity tonight. The actress saves Grecia Colmenares, Arnold and Vittorio. In the end the candidate is Giselda, Accused by Beatrice Luzzi of not being grateful to her and being too dependent on Rosy Chin. Furthermore, Giselda’s definition of Beatrice as a “hypocrite” a few episodes ago weighs heavily. Beatrice Luzzi is immune.

Immunity applies to the hut Paulwhile immunity applies to the group that lived at home Rosy chin. Cesara Buonamici gives immunity Massimiliano Varrese and Heidi.

The nominees are: Giselda Torresan, Grecia Colmenares for the cottage and Valentina Modini and Marco Fortunati for the house. Valentina, along with Giselda, is the one who took being nominated the hardest.

A curiosity: the test to find out who has to spend the next few days in the hut and who ended up in a draw at home due to an embarrassing flaw on the part of production. “Open the house for me because we have to solve the mystery of the G-spot,” was the answer Alfonso Signorini slips live (The letter “g” was missing from the pool; the two teams should have formed the word “hovel”, but one of the two teams was unable to do so due to the absence of this letter.) The house is then inhabited Rosy Chin’s groupthat was previously in the hut.