Big Brother Vip shouts Giaele De Dona

“Big Brother Vip,” shouts Giaele De Donà

03 Nov 2022 11:44 am

After the outpourings with Antonino Spinalbese, Gieffina fears her marriage is in jeopardy

Big Brother Vip shouts Giaele De Dona

After seeing photos of her husband together with other girls and especially without a wedding ring, Giaele De Donà did not hide her concerns. And she talks about it in the garden with Charlie Gnocchi: “I’m worried, I haven’t received anything to put my mind at ease about our relationship. I’m expecting a message.”

Charlie Gnocchi tries to calm her down, reminding her that her husband Brad sent her a nice letter and roses: “And then your husband was with your best friend in those photos… you have to be quiet.” But Giaele is always dubious: “There are too many things that are starting not to come back. I would like to speak to him, I would like to see him.” Then she cries at De Donà with Nikita Pelizon and Edoardo Donnamaria: “My husband hasn’t sent me a plane yet, my family isn’t coming to visit me”.

Edoardo asks her: “What did you say before you entered here?”. “To enjoy this experience,” replies the model. Nikita instead tries to identify with Brad, especially after seeing her under the covers with Antonino: “I think she’s getting her revenge,” Giaele concludes.