"Big Brother VIP"eliminated Attilio Romita

February 13, 2023 6:28 p.m

Giulia Salemi admits she’s in a crisis with Pier Paolo Pretelli. Antonino Spinalbese, Nikita Pelizon, Antonella Fiordelisi and Oriana Marzoli end up in the nomination

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The thirty-third episode of “Big Brother Vip” begins with a twist. Julia Salempressed by the conductor Alfonso SignoriniShe admits to being in a crisis with her boyfriend Pier Paolo Pretelli. Meanwhile, the former’s entry into the House of Representatives has upset the balance struck over the past few months. Daniele Dal Moro in the middle of two cyclones: Oriana Marzoli and Martina Nasoni. Also Luke Onestini And Ivana Mrazova I’m in the balance between love and jealousy. Atilius Romita He is eliminated in televoting and leaves the game without saying goodbye to his teammates. End in nominations Antonino Spinalbese, Nikita Pelizon, Antonella Fiordelisi and Oriana Marzoli.

“Big Brother Vip”, the emotions of the 33rd episode

Giulia Salemi and Pretelli in crisis Alfonso Signorini opens the 33rd episode with Giulia Salemi: “A little bird told me that you are in a crisis with Pier Paolo”. Surprisingly, Salemi confirms: “We are going through a time of crisis, no plates have flown, no other people are involved, we are trying to understand, we still love each other … we will do our best to solve our problems. . anyway tomorrow we will spend Valentine’s Day with you in Naples with you and maybe he will be our psychologist”.

Attilio between Antonella and Donnamaria An unexpected shocking revelation from Attilio Romita risks undermining the Donnalisis’ composure once again. Of course, we’re talking about Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria and their shaky relationship. The journalist Romita got a confession from Antonella: she would like to leave Edoardo after the end of “Big Brother Vip”. “I never told him that – says the fencer immediately – I was thinking of buying him a house in Rome.” Edoardo believes her: “In my opinion Attilio plays, he only invents these things to talk about them.” The journalist confirms: “I heard Antonella say these words in a moment of anger, I think it is a couple that will hardly stand up after this journey.”

Daniel between Oriana and Martina Martina Nasoni’s arrival caused confusion and created a new ‘triangle’. She entered to restore the relationship with Daniele Dal Moro, who, however, threw himself again into Oriana Marzoli’s arms just two days after her entry. Unleash Martina’s Wrath. “I don’t think Oriana is the right girl for him,” says Nasoni in the confessional. “I’m not sure about my relationship with Oriana, only time will give me the answers I’m looking for,” admits Daniele. Martina doubts that outside the home the Venezuelan would have been so insistent on conquering him: “I don’t know if you would have spent all your time following a person like that.” Oriana instead accuses Martina of only returning in search of visibility and not out of any genuine interest in Daniele. “Martina and I have never really been together, if there is anyone who is exploiting this story at this point in time, it is certainly not me,” emphasizes Daniele. “I don’t commit to one person just for that, there have been a lot of ups and downs and it’s true that we’re not dating, but I still attach importance to it. You don’t necessarily have to get engaged to a love person and consider them important – he replies to Martina promptly – I’m happy if he gets close to Oriana, he has every right to choose who he stays with”. Daniele continues to insinuate that Martina wants use their past in his favor and do whatever it takes to get him into trouble.

The jealousy between Luca Onestini and Ivana Mrázová Between Luca Onestini and Ivana Mrázová the complicity never disappeared even after the end of their relationship. Ivana’s return to the house made Luca very happy, but it didn’t take much to cause the first problems between ex-boyfriends. In fact, during a game suggested by Big Brother, Ivana gave Andrea a kiss, which aroused Lucas’ jealousy: “I decided not to play this game, Ivana did. I was a little disappointed, we’re different,” he explains. However, Ivana immediately accused Luca of doing the same thing in the past: “Now I’ll get things out,” which unleashed Luca’s anger. There are still many outstanding bills. “No one has ever died of love, but we’ve both been through very bad times and we don’t want to go through them again,” Luca begins. “He’s and will always be one of the most important people in my life,” Ivana chimes in instead, happy that a disagreement spawned from a game still gave them a chance to address some of the unresolved issues.

Andrea Maestrelli tells of his father’s disappearance Andrea Maestrelli lost his father when he was thirteen. “He had a brain tumor – he says – seeing him like this wasn’t life, I just wanted him to stop suffering… I would have liked to confront him, talked, shared joy and sorrow. It’s a key I’m trying to avoid because I remember it as a child’s eyes looking at you with tenderness that I wouldn’t have wanted. The real strength of the family was my mother”. The former footballer ends his story with the sweet memory of a car ride with his family: “I miss it,” he says. Then his mother comes to surprise him. “We had many Pain, but we had a wonderful life, both before and after” – says Mama Monia – What remains of dad is his smile on your lips… Enjoy all this with joy, don’t worry about external judgments”.

A prince on horseback for Sarah Altobello Sarah Altobello has always said she wanted to meet her prince charming and opened up about her close friendship with her manager Tony. “A relationship I’m very comfortable in, but not comparable to two people loving each other,” the columnist said. A really unexpected surprise awaits her: riding his white horse, in the night of lovers, his Tony is ready to show his strong feelings. “I’d love to hug you… I’ll wait for you when you come back, but remember I’ll always be by your side… I’d love to spend the rest of my life with you,” he tells her. “Never say never,” is the answer.

Jael and Brad’s letter Giaele De Donà complains about the absence of her husband Brad and wants to see him again after all these months. On Valentine’s Day, Brad decided to send a letter to his wife, she herself read his words: “Hi Jael, I wanted to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day and a happy one-year anniversary. As you probably already know, I was dissatisfied with your behavior and lack of respect for our marriage. You have decided to do something disrespectful. Precisely for this reason, my contacts were extremely limited. If, as you say, you desire a personal visit, I suggest you do not engage in behavior that might be counterproductive to our marriage. I leave it up to you to decide for yourself… Happy Valentine’s Day again and a one-year anniversary.” Giaele is unhappy with her husband’s words: “Sure I didn’t behave well at first, but then I think I’m respectful towards him was… As much as I can have a friendship with Andrea, we never went further. After five months no, the only thing I want is to be face to face with you, I need to see you, hear your voice and feel your affection. I think I have not disrespected you and I will not do so in the future.

The nominations Here are the immune ones: Orietta chooses Giaele, Sonia instead of Daniele. Davide, Tavassi and Nicole are the favorites and therefore immune. The others all in nominations. The three most voted VIPs go to televoting. It starts with the obvious nominations: Onestini votes for Nikita, who votes for Oriana. Sarah votes for Andrea, who nominates Oriana. Alberto chooses Nikita, Antonella nominates Oriana, Milena nominates Antonino, Murgia nominates Nikita, Edoardo nominates Antonino, who nominates Edoardo, Oriana nominates Antonino. Here are the nominations for the confessional: Tavassi and Dal Moro nominate Antonella, as well as Nicole, Davide nominates Oriana, Giale nominates Antonella. Antonino Spinalbese, Nikita Pelizon, Antonella Fiordelisi and Oriana Marzoli end up in the nomination.





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