quotBig brother VIPquotsocial controversy following the release of Marco Bellavia

"Big brother VIP"social controversy following the release of Marco Bellavia

quotBig brother VIPquotsocial controversy following the release of Marco Bellavia

The statements of Marco Bellavia

– “It is true that I am not well and I had my son outside as a reference point. But I would still like to stay here. I count on being able to continue if you help me. Because when a person is in need and the other 22 help him, he’ll make it. He can’t do it alone,” said the 57-year-old live. An appeal by the conductor

Alfonso Signorini

He understood immediately: “Marco Bellavia made an important appeal, he started an SOS. That’s because he’s a person who has often defined himself as unbalanced, that uneasiness that Marco Bellavia expressed. A team of psychologists works with us. We will have the opportunity to properly analyze this discomfort that Marco told us about tonight “. A few hours after the news of the competitor’s exit from the Big Brother Vip house.

The press release

– A statement from Big Brother Vip announced the withdrawal of the competitor and the cancellation of the televoting (he was nominated with Giovanni Ciacci and Giale De Donà): “Marco Bellavia has decided to leave the televoting in which the competitors Giaele De Donà, Marco Bellavia and Giovanni Ciacci has been cancelled. Users who voted via SMS in the canceled session will be reimbursed”.

The social dispute

– However, no detail escaped the viewers and followers, namely that Marco Bellavia’s great crisis was not understood by the other participants of the reality show, who instead continued to attack him without sparing him very severe penalties.

Geneva Lamborghini

She initially went so far as to say that “he deserves to be bullied,” only to repent after Marco Bellavia’s release and regret the discriminatory words: “I didn’t know he had issues, we were wrong “.

The attack of the Vpponi

– The other Vippos, for example, attacked him several times

Daniele Dal Moro

: “I feel ripped off when I talk to Marco, I think he’s doing it on purpose. He says things that make sense to me, I told him I don’t talk to him anymore because he died for me.” Without forgetting the intervention of


: “In my opinion he’s crazy, he’s crazy, he’s sick”. Likewise

Patrizia Rossetti

She was very tough: “If you have problems, stay at home, son. That means if you have mental problems, you don’t come to Big Brother Vip. You just stay at home. You won’t get well here.” “You’re going crazy here, do psychoanalysis”. concorde

Elenoire Ferruzzi

: “That’s out, he’s really stupid, not ignorant, which is worse. Oh no, come on, stay there and go to Neurodeliri”. While

Giovanni Ciacci

He even requested his ejection from the game after misunderstanding a line from Marco Bellavia in the nominations.

The reactions of the tenants

Antonella Fiordelisi

He, the only one who has always supported Marco Bellavia, urged tenants to apologize publicly: “For me it is appropriate to apologize to Marco for the things he said. You said he acts. I’ve seen some bad scenes and let’s not hide you


You said he has to go. One who acts doesn’t go away like that, he’s a boy who isn’t doing well.” But Gegia said no: “You’re kidding yourself. We never said he had to go.”


Wilma Goich

She revealed: “It wasn’t the right environment for him here and that’s it. Let’s stop saying it’s our fault. It’s not our fault.”

Sara Manfuso

Instead, he did mea culpa: “I felt guilty, but I shouldn’t do it because it’s true that he needs treatment. Maybe this isn’t the right place.”

Patrizia Rossetti

She was uncompromising: “I’m not going back. I tried to talk to him.”

On the other hand, everyone on the Internet agrees that “a mental illness has been played down, with terrible phrases that only tremble when you hear it again” and are demanding severe penalties for those responsible. Meanwhile, other former Giefini are dating

Tommaso Zorzi


Francesco Oppini


Adua Del Vesco,

have supported Marco Bellavia on social media. What will happen in the fifth episode?