Big changes are coming to Taco Bell in 2024

Big changes are coming to Taco Bell in 2024 – Mashed

It's time for Taco Bell to offer a vegetarian version of its Build Your Own Cravings Box. Cravings Boxes have been around since 2021, but there hasn't been a veggie version yet. Since Taco Bell is one of the few fast food restaurants that offers something other than meatless fries and grilled cheese, it has become the default craving for many vegetarians and vegans. So offering a Veggie Build Your Own Cravings Box in 2024 seems like a no-brainer, even if it took three years to get it on the menu.

The Veggie Build Your Own Cravings Box costs $5.99, which is the same price as the meat version. To order, first select a drink. Then order a special vegetarian menu item (e.g. a Cheese Quesadilla, Black Bean Chalupa Supreme or Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme). Next, choose a classic menu item (such as a bean burrito, a spicy potato soft taco, or a cheesy bean and rice burrito). Finally, you can choose a side dish (e.g. chips and nacho cheese sauce, cinnamon rolls, or cheesy fiesta potatoes).

It's a much better deal than buying the items individually. For example, a medium drink is $2.59, a Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme is $5.49, a bean burrito is $1.89, and chips and nacho cheese sauce is $2.69. Using a Cravings Box will save you $6.67 compared to the $12.66 each item would cost. So it's an excellent offer.