Big Fone plays on BBB 24 Davi answers the prank

Big Fone plays on BBB 24, Davi answers the “prank call” and entertains the Internet: “He rented an apartment on everyone's lips” | out of the house

Who replied to Big Fone: Davi gets trolled on BBB 24

1 of 1 Davi visited Big Fone on BBB 24 Photo: Globo Davi visited Big Fone on BBB 24 Photo: Globo

Although there are multiple touches, the first five are “prank calls.” But watch out, watch out: At the sixth call, which will take place the day after tomorrow at 5:20 p.m., the locked up person will automatically be taken to the Paredão. If the answering player is the Leader or the Angel, he must nominate a spotlight person in his place. There's fire in the playground, what's it called?

Despite falling for the 'trolling', the Bahian decided to not only leave the target of the joke open, but he also doubled the score by hiding the dropped call from his fellow players.

So far, the app driver claims he can't say what he heard, thereby renting an entire BBB house in players' minds. The web was (of course!) amused by Davis' decision.

See the effect! ⬇️

And weren't there people who said they would do the same? PURE joke! 🤭

Others would be surprised by the call…

It is worth remembering that soon, at 4 p.m., a new Big Fone ringtone will appear in the house. Stick on gshow to follow all the emotions of the season! 👀

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