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Birthdays, anniversaries, anniversaries, death anniversaries of January 24 Oberösterreichisches Volksblatt


Emperor Ferdinand II removes Albrecht von Wallenstein, Duke of Friedland, from his command by secret rank because of high treason.


Petrograd is renamed Leningrad.


Social philosopher Herbert Marcuse publishes the treatise “The One-Dimensional Man” in English.


After student protests, the Spanish dictator, General Francisco Franco, imposes a state of emergency on the country for three months.


With the recapture by the police, the occupation of a barracks by armed men in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, ends. 38 people die.


  • US Secretary of State Colin Powell admits for the first time that Iraq may not have had weapons of mass destruction before the 2003 invasion.
  • The Greens confirmed their federal spokesman Alexander Van der Bellen as party leader with 83.6 percent. This is the fourth time he has been elected to this position.


Pope Benedict XVI lifts the excommunication of four bishops of the conservative Pius Priestly Fraternity. Traditionalists do not recognize the Second Vatican Council on the adaptation of the Church to the modern world. As British Holocaust denier Richard Williamson is among the bishops, the decision provokes outrage.


During protests against the Academic Ball organized by the FPÖ, serious riots broke out in the center of Vienna, with more than 20 people injured.

name days

Franz, Vera, Thurid, Bernd, Arno


John Vanbrugh, English Comic poet and master builder (baptized 1664-1726)
Christian priest v. Wolff, German philosopher (1679-1754)
Johannes Otto Beyschlag, German cycling/motorsport pioneer in Austria. (1869-1945)
Berta Karlik, East Physicist (1904-1990)
Ann Todd, British actress (1909-1993)
Leon Kirchner, American composer (1919-2009)
Gian Franco Kasper, Swiss sportscaster. (1944-2021)
John Belushi, American actor/musician (1949-1982)

Days of death

Leônidas da Silva, Brazil. Football legend (1913-2004)
Karl Koller, Eastern Football Player (1929-2009)

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