Bitter land and Another Tomorrow Mediaset Fiction Previews February 20

Bitter land and Another Tomorrow: Mediaset Fiction Previews February 20 25 Velvet Mag

The broadcasting of the Mediaset dramas continues, ie Terra amara and Another tomorrow: The following will happen from February 20th to 25th. Drama, intrigue and many surprises in the popular Canale 5 series that airs during the day: here’s what will happen in the next few episodes.

New episodes are coming for the theatre of the flagship network of Mediaset. The dates of the Turkish soap continue unabated bitter land and the Spanish series one more tomorrowbroadcast or from 14.10 And from 4.45 p.m, in the Biscione network. The two series are among Mediaset’s most popular daytime programs and have a few surprises in store. So drama, twists and more are on the way channel 5. So here’s what will happen in the aired episode from February 20th to 25th, 2023.

Fiction Mediaset spoilers for February 20-25What will happen in the episodes of Mediaset – VelvetMag fiction

Bitter Land, Mediaset fiction previews through February 25th

After Beautiful, Canale 5 continues under the Turkish soap’s banner during the day bitter land, from 14.10. In the sequel to the Mediaset fiction of Monday February 20ththe people of Cukurova celebrates the wedding of Yilmaz and Mujgan. In the meantime, Zuleyhaaccompanied by serminwill come off Physician Sweet to undergo abortionbecause he doesn’t want to have a child with him demir. The Yes youmeanwhile, returns from Istanbul after learning about it it is not sterile, as he had persuaded himself. The latter will go to the estate to tell his wife the news, but without finding her.

In the wake of Tuesday February 21st, the Yaman will be able to arrive in time to prevent Zuleyha from having an abortion. As revenge for Sermin, who tried to help Altun terminate her pregnancy, Demir will set his house on fire. Along with Hunkarhis wife and little one Adnanthe entrepreneur will go Istanbul. In the meantime, Yilmaz will show one Fekeli The part from Zuleyha’s letter which he was able to win back, proving to him that the Yaman’s mother is orchestrating her life.

Mediaset Fiction continues with the episode of Wednesday February 22nd. Zuleyha is so happy in Istanbul that she asks Demir to move there, but her husband doesn’t accept her request. The Yaman’s calm is interrupted by a call from the secretary Sabiha. The latter asks him to return to the city because the tax office is conducting checks because of a Charge of tax evasion. hat tip He has no doubts: it was cengaver to betray him. The entrepreneur won’t hesitate to confront his former best friend.

In the wake of Thursday 23 Februarythe Yaman will travel to the land of cengaver and threatens him, but those present manage to prevent a tragedy. Meanwhile theakkaya he is determined to find out the truth and tortures Gaffur to get over it. Both he and his boss had tortured him in the past and now he can do it again. Fekeli will let them know that the Yamans are in Istanbul and the former mechanic will join them to apologize to Mujgan. However, the search will not bring the hoped-for results.

Fiction Mediaset Bitter landYilmaz and Mujgan get married in the next episodes of Mediaset fiction Terra amara – VelvetMag

Yilmaz shoots Fekeli!

The Mediaset drama continues with the episode of Friday February 24th. Zuleyha will tell Demir that she wants to stay in Istanbul without Hunkar, who decides to return home. The Yaman’s mother will pretend to have returned to Cukurova because she was worried about her health Azize. In the meantime, Saniye will finally know the truth gaffur but he will have an unexpected reaction. Not only will she choose to forgive him, but she will also choose to adopt the son that Seher will soon give birth to. Yilmaz, meanwhile, will take the hard road and he will kidnap Hunkar for explanations of the previously found letter fragment.

When appointing Saturday February 25th, the Akkaya will know everything: Zuleyha agreed to marry Demir just to save his life after being blackmailed by Hunkar. Angry, Yilmaz will point his gun at the woman: not even the arrival of Fekeli will be able to avert the worst. Actually from the former mechanic’s gun a shot will go off that he will accidentally take Godfather Fekeli himself, who will be taken to the hospital in serious condition. Mujgan She will catch her husband and leave them behind as she didn’t expect to find him in Adana.

Demir will find out that it wasn’t Cengaver who betrayed him for tax fraud, it was his cousin and he will also find out where to find her. For his part, Yilmaz will reveal to Mujgan that he accidentally shot the godfather, and the wife will be disappointed by the behavior of her husband, who is still armed. During the rite of circumcision of Ali son of cengo, the latter will find that Hatip Demir has mentioned his name to the question of reporting to the tax officer and will confront him directly. A shot is fired by Hatip that will prove fatal to Cengo: theman will die in the arms of his wife Nihal ma the Yaman is arrested for the murder.

Yilmaz and Fekeli will try to exonerate Cetin after finding out he is in prison. The interview ends with Akkaya being arrested. At the same time too Demir will end up in prison: The two have to share the cell, and when they see each other, they start an argument, as a result of which they end up in solitary confinement. The Akkaya informs the Yaman of Altun’s letter.

Another morning closes Canale 5 during the day: previews until February 24th

Canale 5 during the day is closed under the banner of the Spanish soap one more tomorrow, broadcast from 4.45 p.m. In the sequel to the Mediaset fiction of Monday February 20thincreases the tension between Maria And Eric. For her part, the young woman is afraid of the information that the boy knows: she fears that he might reveal one chloe that she’s the one hiding behind the identity Daniel. Maria will understand that she must intervene as soon as possible to save their friendship.

Fiction Mediaset Another tomorrowKiros in the next episodes of the Mediaset fiction Another Tomorrow – VelvetMag

In the wake of Tuesday February 21st, carmen desperately keep looking Enoa, worried about the maid’s behavior. The latter actually did not show up for work. In fact, for her part, the protagonist fears that something bad has happened to her, but ignores the real reason for her disappearance. In the wake of Wednesday February 22nd, Angel will find that Alice has another meeting with i suarez. The girl, for her part, will once again show that she can greatly influence the young man’s life. However, Godoy is ready to shift the cards on the table: he is no longer willing to accept this situation.

In the wake of Thursday 23 February, Francisco And Patricia They’re going to share some news with Carmen that she wasn’t ready for: Cyrus And Enoa I am about to get married. Villanueva will be deeply troubled by this. The worker wants to explain to the protagonist what happened, but the girl refuses to listen to him. In the wake of Friday February 24th, Ventura will tell Angel that Alicia will attend the meeting with the Suarezes. Godoy is excited: the meeting with the couple will take place the day before his exam for entering the diplomatic school.

Mediaset dramas also on Italia 1 and Rete 4

The appointments with dramas will also continue on the other Mediaset networks. On Rete 4, the events of The secret, broadcast from 25.12. Next, come back murder, she wrote, from 1 p.m. After the forum desk at 2 p.m. the program Diario di giorno will be broadcast at 3.30 p.m. Italia 1 also opens under the banner of entertainment. From 1:50 p.m. to 3:20 p.m. it will actually be broadcast, The simpsons. Italia 1 continues during the day from 3:35 p.m. to 5:25 p.m. with two episodes of the US series NCIS Los Angeles and from 17.30 to 18.25 it goes on the air The mentalist.