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Bolivia makes progress in promoting new mining

“The government is committed to integrating activities by venturing into new mining activities, according to the progress and global needs in the demand for minerals for technological use,” said Minister of Mines and Metallurgy Marcelino Quispe.

The owner stated that these minerals are elements used in new technologies, including electronics, electric vehicle batteries and electrical appliances.

In this context, the Bolivian Mining Corporation (Comibol) and the Mining Geological Service (Sergeomin) identified these technological minerals and rare earths in Independencia (Cochabamba), San Luis and Cotaje (Potosí) and in San Javier and Cerro del Mutún (Santa Cruz) , according to an institutional bulletin.

According to these sources, the projects identified 850 mineral samples in Cerro Manomo and 799 mineral samples in Rincón del Tigre, both in the department of Santa Cruz.

Quispe explained that the goal is to achieve sustainable mining by 2050, through a long chain of technological minerals and rare earths, whose main application is aimed at renewable energy, electronics and other applications.

He emphasized that the goal is to move from the extraction of silver, tin, lead, zinc and gold to the new horizon of technological minerals and rare earths, whose international demand is growing due to the change in the global energy matrix.

During his speech to the press, the headline was based on the map of high potential areas in Bolivia.

An important role in the transition that this sector is currently undergoing in the Andean-Amazon State is played by the Technological Minerals and Rare Earths Management of Comibol, established by resolution on March 23, 2023.

Quispe, former president and former director of Comibol, was sworn in as minister in June 2023 with the task of carrying out the prospection, exploration, exploitation, research and extraction of technological minerals and rare earths for their industrialization.