Bolsonaro lost and Milei was left without a mirror

Bolsonaro lost and Milei was left without a mirror

Without accepting defeat but implying that he initiated the change of command, Jair Bolsonaro begins to spend his final days in government. Although several greetings came from Argentina for the new Brazilian President, Luis Inacio Lula Da Silvathe national deputy of La Libertad Avanza Javier Miles, So far it has not recognized the winner of the elections.

On Sunday night, when Bolsonaro’s defeat was irreversible, the Argentine libertarian hailed the vanquished via his Twitter: “My congratulations and respect for Bolsonaro that he did what he had to do without fear of political cost; He’s made great reforms and is leaving behind a better country than the one he got,” Milei said, concluding with his traditional “Long live freedom, damn it.”

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However, he took the opportunity to punish the leaders of Together for Change, who offered their regards to Lula. “When the members of the Castro Chavista Club celebrate the triumph of a member of their club, that’s understandable… but congratulate him who tells you that this is the “only” way not to fall into this misfortune that should make you think. And after the socialist speech, you should ask for forgiveness,” the libertarian started.

The list of those named includes several leaders, from the keynote speaker of Together for Change’s “soft wing”, the head of government of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larretato former President Mauricio Macri, who goes through the mind of radicalism, Gerald Morales. Outside the congratulatory parade was the head of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, who did not refer to the elections.

“You congratulated someone who will destroy you,” Milei said on the TN channel in an interview in which she confirmed this “I would never greet Lula.” In this vein, he added: “I am very sorry that the Brazilian people fell into the hands of the Brazilian people.”

The Brazilian military officer and the Argentine economist were united in their opposition to the centre-left governments of both countries, placing themselves on the right-wing fringes of their respective local political scenarios.

From the hosts of Milei, they didn’t want to add many reflections to what was tweeted, but they refused any kind of change of course in the media economist’s strategy. “Ideas are defended regardless of an election result”, A source working in the libertarian armed group told El Destape.

“Bolsonaro got 49 percent of the votes, that’s half minus one. He has not remained a political corpse. He’s totally competitive, apart from losing,” said a voice close to Milei.

The Brazil Connection

Milei’s connection to Bolsonaro comes through the outgoing president’s son, the Brazilian MP Edward Bolsonaro. This made a tour of Argentina in mid-October. In addition to the installation of the thesis by a “Argentinization of Brazil” When Lula won the elections, lawmakers met with various local right-wing leaders.

As part of that agenda, Eduardo Bolsonaro had a brief meeting with Milei, with whom they exchanged notes. The Brazilian legislator said that he liked it and that his economic discourse would be put into practice in Brazil. Milei recorded a video in support of the current President and against him “the communist convict Lula”.

The mirror in which Milei wanted to look can be summed up in one situation. In September, the libertarian released video of a message he sent to Bolsonarist militants on the occasion of Brazil’s bicentennial celebrations, a celebration the president used as part of his reelection campaign.

The Bolsonarista militants broadcast a recorded message in São Paulo saluting the former military’s supporters while praising the president. “There is a candidate named Javier Milei, the Bolsonaro of Argentina. He’s the one who will win the next elections there and put Argentina back in the hands of good people,” said the video’s announcer, then presented the tone of the Argentine libertarian.

Milei had also gone into Latin American orbit Colombia to give a series of lectures and to express his opposition to the left-wing candidate Gustav Petrowho would play the second round in which the latter triumphed.

In the short term, Milei will have a new participation in a global far-right event. The Argentine will take part in a new edition of the la Political Conference of Action Conservatives (CPAC)which will take place in the city Mexico between November 18th and 19th.

The event brings together right-wing leaders from around the world and Milei will be one of the speakers. Leading personalities such as the former President of Poland will attend Lech Walesaformer Chilean presidential candidate Jose Antonio Kastformer adviser to Donald Trump Steve Banonamong other.

The libertarian had previously attended the event in Brazil on June 12 this year, where he held a conference with Eduardo Bolsonaro and Kast.