Bom Dia Brasil has an official change and Ana Paula

Bom Dia Brasil has an official change and Ana Paula Araújo makes an announcement on : "New year, new bank" Focus TV

Globo presenter confirms change at Bom Dia Brasil

Sept 1999 Ana Paula Araujo signed his contract with Globo as the holder of Bom Dia Rio. Since then, she has stood out, taking over the bank of Bom Dia Brasil in 2013.

This Monday the 2nd, the moderator made an announcement via Globo, confirming the official change on the news.

During the morning, the journalist appeared on social networks on the bench of “Bom Dia Brasil”, which was reformulated for 2023.

In the click you can see that the bench is more modern and with yellow and orange colors.


In addition, Ana Paula Araújo confirmed in the caption that the newscast will have a special report next Tuesday the 3rd.

Ana Paula Araújo and Miriam Leitão (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

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Ana Paula Araújo (reproduction)

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New year with a new bench! Do you like that? And tomorrow there will be a special report on the 40th anniversary of Bom dia Brasil. I hope everyone!” said the Globo presenter.

In the comments, colleagues from the channel did not fail to comment on the publication of Ana Paula Araújo.

“Congratulations,” he said Cesar Tralli, who completed the message with heart and clapping emojis.

Former Globo TV kiosk (reproduction)Former Globo TV kiosk (reproduction)
Ana Paula Araújo confirms change on the bench at Bom Dia Brasil (reproduction)Ana Paula Araújo confirms change on the bench at Bom Dia Brasil (reproduction)


As mentioned before, Ana Paula Araújo has been a huge hit at Globo since 1999.

In the 2000s, the presenter began commanding RJ1 in collaboration with Márcio Gomes. However, in 2006 she moved away to give birth to her first daughter.

Upon her return, Ana Paula Araújo began directing “Bom Dia Brasil” during the holidays Renata Vasconcellos.

It was not until 2013 that the journalist took over the bank on the side Chico Pinheirowhich came out in 2021. But what is her salary at Globo?

After Philip Camposcolumnist for Sonja Abrãothe moderator earns around R$ 40,000 a month.

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