Bombing of Jerusalem Eli and Natalie two of the 7

Bombing of Jerusalem: Eli and Natalie, two of the 7 victims "They came to help the wounded and were shot" i24 i24 in French

Eli, 48, and Natalie, 45, Mizrahi are two of seven people killed in the terrorist attack near the Neve Ya’akov Synagogue in Jerusalem on Friday night while helping injured people. They had only married two years ago.

Eli’s father Shimon said, “We were in the middle of eating when we heard gunshots. My son came down to help, his wife came down behind him. The terrorist shot them and killed them at close range helping the wounded and were killed.

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A neighbor of Eli and Natalie added: “Eli yelled at me ‘call the police’ and collapsed.” “He then shot a person in his vehicle and then pointed the gun at me and I saw the death, I did fled to my house and he shot at my window. The terrorist’s family must be expelled. I believe the terrorist received family support. There will never be peace with them, period,” he added.

Five other people died in the deadliest attack Israel has seen in a decade and three people were injured, one seriously. Security forces are on high alert across the country, particularly in major cities. 42 people were arrested in connection with the attack.