Boninho takes another swipe at the brothers profile administrators The

Boninho takes another swipe at the brothers’ profile administrators: “The Mimimi has begun



Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@jbboninho / Estadão

Boninho once again criticized the social media profile administrators of the brothers restricted to Big Brother Brasil. The director of the reality show seems to be unhappy with the clashes between the socalled “ADMs”. In a video posted on his Instagram this Friday 26, Boninho suggested: “Adms, shut up.”

Soon the Internet speculated that the indirect message went to those responsible for the profiles of Yasmin Brunet and Davi, who had seen each other on social media on Friday the 26th.

“Today this madness began: 'I will go to work, I will bring justice to whoever is wrong, who is right'. Adms are going crazy with the processes… 'We'll get judges, lawyers, we'll get.' “We will sue you, plus the people who also follow Big Brother.” No… No… Nothing like that, calm down! Less… BBB is a game, and it's the people who decide,” he said. And he recommended: “This nonsense doesn't help.” The director concluded that the public decides who wins the game.

It is not the first time that Boninho has criticized the attitude of the brothers' profile owners. The first controversy occurred after speeches that were viewed as ableist Maycon Cosmer with reference to Vinicius Rodrigues both have already left the reality show. At the time, the Midday Man's official profile published a clarification note and Boninho responded via video. “How can the administrator understand what the guy in the house is thinking? The guy weighs something and then they come with a clarification note that this guy isn't… Guys, be honest! “That doesn’t convince anyone.”

He also made a suggestion to the professionals behind the participants' social networks: “Shut up and pray they don't talk trash. And follow the boat, whichever wins. But start taking educational notes, start discussing it out here, it's no use at all. Here’s a tip!”

Understand the controversy

The team of Yasmin Brunet claimed the sister had been “vilified” by influencers. After the brother was the subject of countless conversations, including from Yasmin, in the early hours of this Friday the 26th, Davis' team spoke out on Instagram. “Why does Davis’ presence bother some people so much?” the publication asked. The internet suggested that she and Wanessa were behaving in a racist manner. The pages of both profiles denied the statement.

An official note was posted on Yasmin's page: “It ceases to be a clean and healthy game when attempts are made to transform conflicts arising from coexistence into narratives that focus on social issues,” one said Excerpt from the note. Understand here.