Bonner was moved by news about JN

Bonner was moved by news about JN

William Bonner was moved by the news Carlinhos Brown’s daughter is beautiful Denílson to be replaced at band

To keep everyone up to date with the most important news about the famous, TV Foco has the most read articles from last Wednesday 02 with names like Wilhelm Bonner, Clara Burquedaughter of Carlinhos Brown, Renata Fan and Denilson.


In August of this year, William Bonner held back tears while discussing a news story involving Globo’s “Jornal Nacional”.

That’s because the artist got the news of the nomination, which the newscast received at the International Emmy.

“Today is a special day. There is a journalism award that is considered the most important award for anyone working in television journalism and I have been doing that for over 20 years,” said William Bonner, who continued:

“You who are Brazilians follow what is happening in our country, some people suffer much more than others,” said the artist.

Graciele Lacerda, Luiz Bacci, Eliana and Roberto Justus (reproduction)

Graciele Lacerda makes an announcement about the disappearance Bacci confirmed the arrest of a famous person Eliana has already spoken about Justus

Bruno Gagliasso, Giovanna Ewbank, Thiago Gagliasso, Sandy and Globo Artists (Reproduction)

Bruno’s brother spoke about Gio Sandy vented about what he no longer wants Musa da Globo died at the shelter

Gottino talks about Antonio Fagundes' 'prison', Praça É Nossa star died of AIDS and Tati Machado is in a relationship (reproduction)

Gottino talks about Fagundes’ arrest Praça star died of AIDS Tati Machado lives relationship

In addition, William Bonner spoke about the fight against fake news and thanked her for the help of her team.


Clara BurqueHeiress of Carlinhos Brown and Helena Burqueconquers the audience with his talent and beauty.

The artist draws attention to herself on social media with her natural beauty and is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful.

At 23, the Carlinhos Brown heiress keeps her hair curly, opts for softer makeup and dazzles her fans.

Carlinhos Brown and his daughter Clara Buarque (FCarlinhos Brown and his daughter Clara Buarque (reproduction)
Clara Buarque looks more beautiful than ever (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)Clara Buarque looks more beautiful than ever (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
ArtistClara Buarque in a photo essay (Photo: Reproduction/Editing)


Last Tuesday 01 Renata Fan made a statement about Denílson in Band’s “Jogo Aberto”.

This is because the artist was not present on the program and was replaced by Ronaldo Giovanelli.

At the time, Renata Fan explained to the audience that Denílson was unable to reach the band’s studios due to the truck drivers’ demonstrations.

“Dede got stuck in the barrier. There was no way. Maybe tomorrow everything will be clear. But today is my good morning to you Ronaldão,” said the artist.

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